High end amp - my last step

I would like some opinions on buying an amp.

I have some unusual constraints, but a pretty healthy budget.

The constraints:

1) I'm in the UK - 230/240 volts must be available - even if a second hand model has to be sent back to the manufacturer.

2) The amp / amps must live in a space in a well ventilated cabinet, open back and full grill to front plus much ventilation above and below. Space is about 24 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 14 inches high for a mono. Height can be doubled for a stereo amp, e.g. a VTL s-400 will fit but Seigfried Monos will not. Heat should *not* been seen as much of an issue, size should - eg a Krell MRA would drop straight through the floor into the utility room.

3) Power should be enough for a dynamic sound in my 89dB efficient Sophias, but just enough is good enough as these will probably be replaced in the future.

4) Aggravation free, long warranties are good and local dealer support good too - so would demonstrations.

I don't mind tubes, solid state or hybrids. I mostly listen to jazz, indie and pop - actually anything apart from opera.

The budget:

$30,000 - I will consider second hand and I will consider cheaper if I can find it :o)

My own suggestions:

VTL s-400 or 450 monos. (UK distributor - DCS - is less than 5 miles away and will be able to demo at home during April)
Lamm 1.2 ref (No representation in uk :-( )
Audio Research 600's
Dartzeel - (My Wilson dealer carries them, and they look like they won't break, I should get a demo)
Other ideas MBL, Boulder, CAT

I'm not in a rush, probably want to buy in June, but I want to sort out some listening sessions. I *do not* intend to ever buy another amp, so it should be good for (or servicable) for next 20 years!
Hi,My advice is to sort your preamp first because you simply can't get great sound with a really good power amp and an average preamp whereas you can get great sound with a really good preamp and an average power amp.
I know this goes against all the expectations but when you hear a really good preamp it becomes blatantly obvious.Unfortunately there are very few really good preamps around.You owe it to yourself to check out the Supratek preamps.One of these is certainly going to cost you a lot less than an equivelent quality power amp.

Dmurfet, don't forget the Acoustic Reality Thauma Turge class D super amps from Denmark (ICEpower design). Look at the AR site. There is a report by Peter Thompsen (owner of AR) about a Chicago based audiophile who replaced his 3 pairs of WAVAC 833 amps (!) with 3 pairs of the Thauma Turges. Impressive! I own the lesser eAR amps (the eAR 1001's) which sound surprisingly good and are comparable with the almost 10 times more expensive Accuphase A-50V which I also own. What do you think of Accuphase btw (used M-2000 mono's)?

I now recognise the brand as EAR - which I have heard of. I'll give them a call this week.

Seperately I got an email from FM acoustics today - they don't distribute in the UK and don't have any 2nd hand kit (they invite you to ask on their site). I sent a reply but I'm not hopeful as I am not a rock star!
Dmurfet, the brand is not EAR, that is Tim de Paravicini's company (Esoteric Audio Research), but Acoustic Reality (eAR).


Other contestants are Accuphase and the Symphonic Line (German high end brand).

I recommend CAT with wilson, synergy is very good.
A friend of mine is waiting for his CAT JL2 he's going to use with a WP5.1e.