High end amp - my last step

I would like some opinions on buying an amp.

I have some unusual constraints, but a pretty healthy budget.

The constraints:

1) I'm in the UK - 230/240 volts must be available - even if a second hand model has to be sent back to the manufacturer.

2) The amp / amps must live in a space in a well ventilated cabinet, open back and full grill to front plus much ventilation above and below. Space is about 24 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 14 inches high for a mono. Height can be doubled for a stereo amp, e.g. a VTL s-400 will fit but Seigfried Monos will not. Heat should *not* been seen as much of an issue, size should - eg a Krell MRA would drop straight through the floor into the utility room.

3) Power should be enough for a dynamic sound in my 89dB efficient Sophias, but just enough is good enough as these will probably be replaced in the future.

4) Aggravation free, long warranties are good and local dealer support good too - so would demonstrations.

I don't mind tubes, solid state or hybrids. I mostly listen to jazz, indie and pop - actually anything apart from opera.

The budget:

$30,000 - I will consider second hand and I will consider cheaper if I can find it :o)

My own suggestions:

VTL s-400 or 450 monos. (UK distributor - DCS - is less than 5 miles away and will be able to demo at home during April)
Lamm 1.2 ref (No representation in uk :-( )
Audio Research 600's
Dartzeel - (My Wilson dealer carries them, and they look like they won't break, I should get a demo)
Other ideas MBL, Boulder, CAT

I'm not in a rush, probably want to buy in June, but I want to sort out some listening sessions. I *do not* intend to ever buy another amp, so it should be good for (or servicable) for next 20 years!
I recommend CAT with wilson, synergy is very good.
A friend of mine is waiting for his CAT JL2 he's going to use with a WP5.1e.
I can't believe your dealer "poo-poo" Boulder. LOL, either he doesn't sell Boulders or never listened them. If you have to buy the amps from him, that's another story. IMO all the others are a class below Boulder except FM Acoustics but they are way too expensive.
I have had a word with the UK distributor for Lamm. He suggested that even a ML2.1 may work with my speakers - well we'll see!

He also thought, as many would, a Lamm pre-amp would be beneficial. I'm not ready for that though - doesn't mean it will never happen. Using my 861, means I could have a nice crossover point and use my sub to help out a lower powered amp.
Dmurfet-there are some incredible amps listed tus far.However,please forgive me if I repeat myself.Since you already live in the UK,I am sure you have heard of Hi-FiNews(not that I would buy an amp just because of a review, but might audition one).Here is what they say about Chapter Audio Couplet and Preface+:

"Listening to these amps was a revelation-their performance was quite staggering in important areas of no-noise,low distrortion and jaw dropping power delivery.The sound is different to traditional technology with it's familiar colorations.If you have the budget you simly must hear what these products can offer."

I have exchanged a couple of email with Duncan and spoke with him today. I'll listen to the stereo couplet and if I like it, I may consider a home demo of the mono couplets (which I don;t think are on their website yet.)

Relative to the other amps I'm considering, they are far less expensive (half) because of lack of distribution costs in the UK so could be a bargain - but they do have to be good too!