High end amp - my last step

I would like some opinions on buying an amp.

I have some unusual constraints, but a pretty healthy budget.

The constraints:

1) I'm in the UK - 230/240 volts must be available - even if a second hand model has to be sent back to the manufacturer.

2) The amp / amps must live in a space in a well ventilated cabinet, open back and full grill to front plus much ventilation above and below. Space is about 24 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 14 inches high for a mono. Height can be doubled for a stereo amp, e.g. a VTL s-400 will fit but Seigfried Monos will not. Heat should *not* been seen as much of an issue, size should - eg a Krell MRA would drop straight through the floor into the utility room.

3) Power should be enough for a dynamic sound in my 89dB efficient Sophias, but just enough is good enough as these will probably be replaced in the future.

4) Aggravation free, long warranties are good and local dealer support good too - so would demonstrations.

I don't mind tubes, solid state or hybrids. I mostly listen to jazz, indie and pop - actually anything apart from opera.

The budget:

$30,000 - I will consider second hand and I will consider cheaper if I can find it :o)

My own suggestions:

VTL s-400 or 450 monos. (UK distributor - DCS - is less than 5 miles away and will be able to demo at home during April)
Lamm 1.2 ref (No representation in uk :-( )
Audio Research 600's
Dartzeel - (My Wilson dealer carries them, and they look like they won't break, I should get a demo)
Other ideas MBL, Boulder, CAT

I'm not in a rush, probably want to buy in June, but I want to sort out some listening sessions. I *do not* intend to ever buy another amp, so it should be good for (or servicable) for next 20 years!
Dmurfet-Glad to know!I eagerly await your response/reaction to the Chapter Couplet and Preface+.I think you will be shocked to how good they are.I am using mine with JM Labs Alto Be.
Crazy idea...With that kind of budget, I would spend only $ 10,000 on the amp and preamp. Just for fun, I browsed what is available right here on the 'Gon. How about this, Tenor Audio Classic monoblocks for $ 7,550 (original retail over $ 27,000) and a Sonic Frontiers Line 3se preamplifier for $ 3,300 (original price of $ 6,000). Total price: Around $ 10,000 once this is all ''negociated''.This is a no-hype, supremely musical system with incredible build quality and features.

I would THEN spend the remaining of your $ 30,000 budget (meaning $ 20,000) on tickets to hear your favorite fine orchestras or bands LIVE (and a few nice after-show restaurants) for a lifetime of memories....How about it ?

By the way, I once heard the Tenor / Line 3 combination, and beleive me, it is something to experience - then the path would be wide open for a speaker upgrade, as your Wilson's will definitely be the weakest link in your system if you go with the above combo. You can do much better than the Sophias in my humble opinion, for the price. All is subjective of course here, and someone's music may be another's noise. Who says ''upgrading'' must be done ''by the book'' ?
Soniqmike - the sophias are not my last step. But whilst I live in my current house, with the living room on the first floor and the room only 14' * 16' - they are staying. The next upgrade will be to a Meridian 800 cd/dvd player.

As for keeping some money back to see more live performances, it's a good idea, but money for this is a seperate budget. 30k is the correct budget for the amp - if it comes in less, that's all well and good.

I'm on holiday ATM so i'll begin to listen when I get back.