High End and Classical Music

Being quite new in the world of high-end, I would like to ask the following question: how many Audiogon Forum members are listening exclusively or almost exclusively to classical music? My impression is that regrettably rather few "high-enders" are interested in classical music. On the other hand, having a lot of friends - professional musicians - I also know that among them there are hardly any high end owners. I am one of them myself. Recently bought the following components: Mark Levinson 383 & 39, ProAc 3.8, cables Van den Hul The Revelation and MC Gold Hybrid. Although I am completely satisfied with this system (sounds tremendously!), I realised too late, that for the kind of music I am listening al the time (especially early music and baroque), there are maybe better combinations. So the question is: are some components more suitable than others for a particular kind of music? Thanks in advance for any reactions.
My college degree is in Music Composition, and I listen solely to "classical" music--mostly modern stuff. I have found that an excellent hi-fi system has been, in addition to a great provider of enjoyment, an educational tool. As a composer, it is extremely important for me to listen to a lot of music, and there is so much more to learn when the music can be heard clearly. I also have a lot of friends who are musicians, and most of them don't have decent hi-fi systems because they are poor and they waste too much money on coffee. I don't think, however, that being a musician or even loving music is the only prerequisite for being an audiophile. From reading a lot of posts here, I have gathered that one must also have technophile leanings. Many of us have always been fascinated by technology, as demonstrated by the "What kind of watch do you have?" post.
First, if you are "completely satisified" and it "sounds tremendous" to you, you've achieved what most audiofools are aspiring to. Sit back and enjoy. Second, even though you say you are new to the hobby, you will soon find out that there are ALWAYS better combinations, the search for the best is much of what the hobby is about. Your gear is high quality, and you obviously enjoy it already. If you've ben bitten by the search bug for perfection, hold on to your hat, and wallet. There is a fine line between happy exploration and obsession. In my experience your gear is extremely resolving and detailing, and if you like that great. For a predominantly classical menu, it may lack some warmth,depth and tonal balance, particulalry on strings.Just my experience. Adding some tubes in the pre-amplification or amplification and different cabling might lend a more natural resolve to the type of music you prefer. I know what I like and hear, but wouldn't venture to suggest what gear is best for you. There are far more knowledgeable members on this site who could do so, you may learn a great deal from their suggestions, and use them as a springboard for your own research. A cautionary note, if you truly love what you already have, the grass is not always greener.... Have fun and good luck.
BTW, in response to your first question, I listen to predominantly classical and jazz, with a dollup of rock and roll thrown in.