High end Audio for ladies? Check this out

I came across this web site by accident. What a refreshing idea.....


Comments anyone ?
Talk about the perfect woman!! I'd love to meet a woman that bought her own hi-end system. Whew, someone to share, appreciate and understand the sonic bliss I hear when everything is working properly. A great spinoff would be a dating site that matched audiophile males and females.

But, you might run into a problem if the guy likes tubes and she likes solid state. He's into cd's but she likes vinyl. He likes electrostats and she wants cones....

...oh, never mind.

We live in a time when there are more and more women in engineering, so it is not surprising to see more women in the Audio industry.

If you go and check the factory tours from some of the online websites, you'll realize that perhaps some of the components you own were engineered, co-designed or built by a woman.

What is surprising to me is that some people on these forums seem to be surprised at the idea of an Audio store tailored for women. I think is about time that we get to see more women involved in Audio.
Stereolady: depends on the women: I want to listen to music in a dedicated listening room and my ex-boyfriend listened to it as background music. I saw your website and I sort of wish you didn't reinforce the stereotype of the shoes. As a woman audiophile (who works in the fashion industry) I think smart, educated women are capable of processing the world without the shoe prism.

However, I like your idea and concept. I think it's a long time coming wish you all the BEST.

Mrtennis: you are SO wrong. I've spent tens of thousands of $s and still got treated like some idiot, someone who must of fleeced some man for the cash, and once was asked point blank if "by any chance I give massages and if so how much per hour." This is why I only deal with a tight network of dealers/manufacturers.

Mitch4t: ROTFLMAO....I just broke up with my boyfriend because he wants all ss and I want all tubes and I wasn't willing to compromise.