High end Audio for ladies? Check this out

I came across this web site by accident. What a refreshing idea.....


Comments anyone ?
Stereolady: depends on the women: I want to listen to music in a dedicated listening room and my ex-boyfriend listened to it as background music. I saw your website and I sort of wish you didn't reinforce the stereotype of the shoes. As a woman audiophile (who works in the fashion industry) I think smart, educated women are capable of processing the world without the shoe prism.

However, I like your idea and concept. I think it's a long time coming wish you all the BEST.

Mrtennis: you are SO wrong. I've spent tens of thousands of $s and still got treated like some idiot, someone who must of fleeced some man for the cash, and once was asked point blank if "by any chance I give massages and if so how much per hour." This is why I only deal with a tight network of dealers/manufacturers.

Mitch4t: ROTFLMAO....I just broke up with my boyfriend because he wants all ss and I want all tubes and I wasn't willing to compromise.

I appreciate your feedback! I also enjoy a dedicated listening room, but I have found thru much research, most people just starting out in the world of high end audio would prefer a more usable space they can share with others.

I would be interested in asking you if you have attended many audio shows? I think this would be a good way for more women to get interested in this hobby.
Back in the day there were only a few women surfing, now there out there shredding with power and grace. Even though my lovely wife was a capable disk jockey and went on to media promotions she's a bit uncomfortable with turntable maintenance. She has recently researched, selected, and was a major force in installing our new HT only system.

While not all the women who she manages to get in the sweet spot find audio fidelity all that important, but many are so taken by the experience they've jumped in the water. I can't tell just how proud I am. Twenty-six pairs of black shoes and speakers out in the middle of the living room. Sweet.