High end Audio for ladies? Check this out

I came across this web site by accident. What a refreshing idea.....


Comments anyone ?
Nothing like a battle of the sexes to polarize a group of people. So now are we going to see a website by women for women to show how to make the family car more easily blend with the garage decor? Oh waite, I know, how to accessorize your lawn mower so it looks cute while cutting the grass. Let the men have what few toys we still possess. PALEEZ!
The post from Mich4T is interesting if not too flattering for us males. Notice his link and relationship between the notion of ''very manly man'' and ''Big Krell monoblocs and Wilson Grand Slamms''. In one sentence, he cracked open the marketing code of these two companies (especially Wilson) who are trying to fool everyone that Dave Wilson's ear (and his will to reproduce - from memory no less (!)- the sounds of the world's great concert halls. What a joke! Yeah, sure. There are some of beleive this or else hi wouldn't spend all that money telling us with his hi-fi mags ads.

This points in the direction of the real core of this audio hobby for many (men) audiophiles. It's all about the gear, while music is just a front for respectability purposes. Of course the two are not mutually exclusive, once in a blue moon. Nothing wrong with being in it just for the gear, like some folks buy works of Art. I like 1" thick faceplates as much as the next guy. Fine by me. But let's call a cat a cat ok ?

And Ibog1: ''how to accessorize your lawn mower so it looks cute while cutting the grass.''

Come on guys, let's get smart here and not start a battle of wits unarmed. For once, we have a lady that is opening up to our crazy (and expensive) hobby with good intentions here - Isn't this great news? Why the defensive comments?
Stereolady: Yes over the years I have attended many shows, CES, CEDIA, HES, the Stereophile show when it was in NYC. I got treated with respect was when I attended as a Wall St Analyst covering the sector. When I attended on my own I got the "where's your husband?"

Soniqmike: people should take a page out of the Aquos/Sharp playbook. They targeted the function/design towards women because they knew recognized that women shop differently and were the primary decision-makers in large ticket purchasing.

General question: if someone is going listen to music while they do other things, then why do they need/want high end audio system. Recent studies have shown that it is not possible for the human brain to fully concentrate on multiple items but it switches constantly. Therefore, an iPod and a decent ss integrated and a pair of monitors should be enough. Perhaps this is why most women don't get the investment of cash and real estate to something that generates background music. In this case, B+O and Bose already have th
Pookine, it just occured to me that maybe the answer lies with the title of a song on one of the most celebrated of all ''audiophile'' recordings - Belafonte at Carnegie Hall - and his song.... ''Man Smart (Woman Smarter)! ''. There it is - a ray of truth barried under the high-end audio shrine !!