High End Audio in Cancun

anybody know if there are any shops worth checking out...I´ll be moving to Isla Mujeres soon...and am down here now for a month and would love to see what the prices are like down here or if I just want to purchase in the US and bring it down with me in installments.

thanks...I can´t wait to post my new ¨carribean island system¨

Good luck. I live in St. Croix and if this is any indication there is absolutely nothing down here. Closest I can find is Nova Electronics in Puerto Rico.
yeah...that´s what i figured...looks like i´ll be packing...which is good because there is a 100% tarriff on imported electronics here i have heard
I'll be in Cancun in mid May, but the last thing I will be doing is looking for audio. I'll be diving, beaching, snorkling, cenote/cave diving, drinking tequila, pooling, sunning ... and such. :-)

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