High end Class D amps?

Just an observation and a question. Are there 'high end' Class D amps out there that are just as good as Class A, A/B amps? I realize that's a sensitive question to some and I mean no disrespect---but whenever I see others' hifi systems on social media, all of the amps are A or A/B. There's always Pass, McIntosh, Moon, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. Where are the Class Ds? For folks out there that want more power for less efficient speakers and can't afford the uber expensive Class As, A/Bs, what is there to choose from that's close to those brands? Thanks
Well implemented class D amp should have no sound. There are companies that place tubes, resistors, op amps and other filtering to achieve a "sound" by adding distortion. The most neutral and best measuring class D will have a SINAD at least in the 90’s. Still one of the best measuring amps I’ve seen is the Benchmark AHB2 which is AB. Mainly try to avoid crazy tweaks they only make the amps worse.
I'm using a megacherry on my home theater fronts, Elac af-61. sounds fantastic.
"Class-D likes benign 4-6ohm loads with low - phase angles, and that’s what the Maggie’s are, but when the loads get tough, then big Linear Amps come out to play."
I agree with George. Class D amps can sound really good with the right speakers as he describes, ones with relatively flat impedance curves. I have the Bel Canto Ref 600M mono amps and they really mated well with a pair of ATC SCM 19V2 monitors I had for several years. I am now running them with a pair of Spendor A7’s and they sound great with those as well, so there are at least two examples where Class D gets it done, and done well IMHO.
And oh yeah, that Rogue Sphinx is also a Class D integrated amp winner. Two thumbs way up for that little jewel (I own one)! There's a reason they can't keep up with demand.
I'll add a vote for the PS Steller S-300. I have been using one for several years. It needs a good power cord like the Anticables. It sounds fantastic in my application. FYI I also own a Pass XA-25 that's also great. They are both fantastic amps that just present music in a slightly different manner. Neither is fatiguing. I am surprised the Stellar is so great as I have been a class D sceptic for years. The class A input stage on the Stellar must be responsible. Anyway, there's a large difference in the price of these two amps. I could happily listen to music played by either.

curious to hear your characterization of the sound quality difference between the pass and stellar

pls advise your speakers and source