High end Class D amps?

Just an observation and a question. Are there 'high end' Class D amps out there that are just as good as Class A, A/B amps? I realize that's a sensitive question to some and I mean no disrespect---but whenever I see others' hifi systems on social media, all of the amps are A or A/B. There's always Pass, McIntosh, Moon, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. Where are the Class Ds? For folks out there that want more power for less efficient speakers and can't afford the uber expensive Class As, A/Bs, what is there to choose from that's close to those brands? Thanks
tweak1:"  I believe Underwood HiFi is rounding the bend and heading for home with their 200wpc Voyager, which I think will be < $4000"

Hello tweak1,

     Just for the record and clarity, it's 'rounding 3rd and heading/headed for home' in baseball parlance and 'she'll be coming around the bend when she comes' in the song.  Mixing these together is lame, but ultimately, probably not really worth my effort of posting and clarifying.  

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Only in the case of the Voyager, the field it's playing on is shaped like a dodecagon.

     As I stated, I knew it wouldn't be worth my effort.

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