high end jbl or horns or emerald physics c1

Can anyone give me their opinions. I saw a pair of jbl's for sale for about the price of the Emerald Physics c1's. I still have my burmester 956 amp but have been looking at ML or I have some high power tube amps laying around I could use.

I have the ML 390's front end. Looking for some eq for the system also.

I mainly listen to rock music. Alt. rock and Classic rock at "extended realistic" volumes.

I have some jbl 4733 that have the output wanted but no finesse.(?) I like my old altec lansing studio monitors the best so far for what i listen to.

Look into Tannoy before you decide. I have owned most all vintage Klipsch am I altec JBL collector as well as other vintage loudspeakers. And a Tannoy monitors is a good step up in performance over the vintage kit. Some guys have near give away prices on there tannoy studio monitors.
I do like other music. Good alt.country??? Cartoon Classical, Old Smokey 2am Miles Davis or HH.

I kind of like toys, somewhat high end. I saw some JBL 9800's and the really high end 60k summit(?) I saw for sale a while back for about 12k but they are gone now.Are they worth the money? Those are the jbl's I am looking for. I do want those "God Balls" that Jaybo speaks of. Plz tell me model numbers

I have atc100's german physics,meridian,legacy to no avail. I loved my martin logan stats and if they could play louder thats what I want. I did see the Edgar Horn at ces one year and really liked but bought the gp's.

I do want the live sound and 'feel' so call it what you want. We all played in bands, bro in law is a professional trumpet player. I go to venues in clubs a couple times a month.
So i read about the emerald physics and thought i would post and ask.

I am leaning toward a custom 4 way horn built by some old altec lansing folks in the area. But resellability is a concern.
Maybe Obama can help?
Do some research on Urei 813's. I think they might be just what you are looking for.