High End Monitors

I am moving my system to a room in my new home which is a lot smaller thanthan my current set up. My new room is simply too small to house my Wilson Sophias. What suggestions would people have for a standmount speaker? I have listened to the Dynaudio C1s and found them to not be to my taste. I have listened to the Talon ravens and liked them a lot-- found them to be very transparent-- but they are costly. I intend to listen to the new Monitor Audio PL100 and the usher Tiny Dancer. Any other suggestions? Has anyone listened to the Escalante Pinyons without a sub? Eben XCentric? I would like to stay under $5k used or new. My musical tastes run to acoustic folk and rock with 33% symphonic. I am not a bass freak but really enjoy speakers that do the disappearing act, not one of the Sophia's strengths. Other pieces: Act2, Primare A32 amp, Marantz SA11. new cabling will come with the new room. Thanks for the input.
I'd expect that right now, it's a buyer's market if you have any interest in the JM Lab Micro Utopia Be, since the replacement model is here.
Tell us why you didnt like the C1s...one of the best in class at that price point
I have mentioned how much I like the Monitor Audio PL100s several times in other threads. I would highly recommend them. Especially if you can find them used.

Just my $.02

I agree with Phaelon! The JMLab/Focal Micro Utopia BE is a fantastic sounding speaker. I heard them in a friends system and it was the best disappearing act I've ever heard. I'm a fan of acoustic folk, singer-songwriter and rock music, he is a classcal aficionado. We both thought they were fantastic!