High End Repair in Phoenix

Does anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area know what is going on (or not) with "High End Repair" in Phoenix? I took a small project to James (at least the person I talked to claimed to be James)  and now can't get any response from him via email or voice mail. The "store" location is strange in that the street side seems to look more like a back entrance. Please reply if you know what's up with that outfit.

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James Koch james@highendrepair.com

Audio Doctor http://www.audiodoctor.biz/ 602-741-0730

Jeff's Professional Audio Repair, Also Car Stereo work 602-274-0794 jparepair@yahoo.com

If the first guy is the James you're speaking of, I'd move on to the other two. I hope you can recover your piece. I have no idea what's going on there.

I have no personal experience with any of these operations (cut and pasted from the AZ AV Club newsletter) as I do my own builds, modifications and repairs.

Best of luck moving forward.

I always used to go to Audio Wizard on McDowell in S. Scottsdale for repairs.  Hopefully you can get your gear back and move on.

Not a good sign when you can't get a response, but I wouldn't hold the appearance of the location against  "James". Can't see someone getting rich doing repair work on a variety of makes and models.

I'm up in Vancouver and the options here are slim as well for non-warranty repairs.

Hope things work out for you.

Old school bench techs are hard to come by as most have passed away or are too old (arthritis and stuff like that) to continue. I'm one of the younger of that generation.

My first job after tech school in 1975 was TV and radio repair when almost everything coming in the shop was still vacuum tube. Didn't make much money, moved to AZ, got my engineering degree and ended up in integrated circuit design and test; a much better way to make a living.

I no longer do bench work except for myself and local musician friends. Not too long ago, I repaired a guitar amp for one of Alice Cooper's original guitarists, Michael Bruce. Really nice guy.

In past years, I've seen examples from pretty much every bench tech in the PHX area. In general, pretty shoddy work. The worst was (and I can't believe he put a sticker on the back of the piece with his name and phone number) a guy that during a repair removed all the Black Gate caps for his personal stash and replaced them with cheap equivalents.

Hopefully, one of the operations I recommended above will do a good job for you.