High End Repair in Phoenix

Does anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area know what is going on (or not) with "High End Repair" in Phoenix? I took a small project to James (at least the person I talked to claimed to be James)  and now can't get any response from him via email or voice mail. The "store" location is strange in that the street side seems to look more like a back entrance. Please reply if you know what's up with that outfit.

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Update, I finally received a call from James Koch at High End Repair. He said that he had some non-business problems to deal with and now is trying to get caught up on his work. He hopes to have my project ready in a week.

Thanks to everyone for your input.

Current location of High End Repair:

601 E Indian School Rd #200, Phoenix, AZ 85012

In Tucson, HiFi Workshop. John Mintzer runs that shop. I deal with his partner, Kris Rhoades, in Winter Springs, Fl. Worth the 2 hour drive, ime, based on the work Kris has performed for me. Enjoy ! MrD.

There is an alternative for hi-fi repairs in the Phoenix area. His info is all over C****list. To save you time, his phone number is (602) 953-1623. He is located at 3241 Shea #8 (just off 51 fwy), North Phoenix. I have used his services, and can recommend him.

I have used James Koch a number of times. He’s always done excellent work. I have Shindo gear, and he’s probably the best Shindo repair tech in the country.