High end speakers at low volume

After having got accustomed to my new Vitus RI-101 mk II, I came to the conclusion that I need to improve my system's performance at low volume to enjoy music more.

Current sources: LinnLP12, Holo Spring 3 KTE, Nucleus. 
Speakers: Avalon Idea. 
Shunyata Delta NR V2 and Hemingway Indigo PC, Tara Labs Forté, TQ 2 Black diamond IC.

I am looking at replacing the Avalon Idea with speakers that could improve the low volume listening experience. I listen to 60 / 70db, I can afford to go up to 85db for very short time (neighbours).

I am also considering to purchase a Loki Max which I understood being quite a neutral EQ unit.

I have selected a few speakers which should match my musical taste based on what I have read:

- YG Carmel 2
- Wilson Sabrina X
- Vandersteen treo ct

I don't have the chance to listen to them except the TAD ME1 which I have enjoyed very much but not in my apartment.

Budget max $15k new or used.

I am looking for speakers sounding musical, with wide soundstage, not cold, detailed yet not analytical.

I mostly listen to classic rock, blues and jazz.

The system sits at the end of the long wall in a living room measuring 33x13ft, listening position 8ft from the speakers.

Unfortunately I have to face a tough WAF putting several limits:

- speakers must have a clean design, not black, not too hifi looking... and not too big
- distance from the wall behind the speakers 25cm

I don't mind changing amplifier if it will be necessary to match the next speakers.

I haven't found a preamp that I could consider a good candidate except a very expensive CSport featuring a loudness button which works very well (tested at Ana Mighty Sound).

I would much appreciate some advice from who knows well the above speakers or who had similar needs.


@celestial__sound agree. Tone control helps too I think. Do you have preamp and power with short signal path to recommend? Beside CAT SL1 and pass xa 25.

Yes, I choose Pass Labs INT 25 for that reason as I also listen to 60-70dbs most of the time. My speakers are Sonus faber olympica 2 rated at 88dbs/1v/1m. I can assure you that this combination is very satisfying at low levels. It feels the room and you hear all details and nuances regardless of the volume level. 

Listening to Miles now 65dB peaking a tad over 70dB, very enjoyable. Lots of PRAT, and enough bass to not wanting more. Speakers KEF Reference 3, Backard Labs preamplifier and AGP Vivace monoblocks. Source digital 24bit file streamed through an Auralic Vega G1. Do not need a loudness contour button. This is the level I typically solo listen to and consistently notice I’m tapping my foot away. Of course if I bring the dBs up to my next notch 75 to peaking in the low 80s it becomes even more engaging which is typically the level I will play when friends visit, but on a day to day I’m extremely satisfied with the low volume listening. If I go below that yes I lose the bass and upper end, so pretty much I stay within the two sweet spots. I suggest you try the KEF Reference series out. Due to your constraints the Reference 1 might be a better choice. Like someone mentioned previously you are going to cripple your sound stage depth keeping any speaker so close to the front wall. You also may need a front or bottom ported speaker due to your placement constraint. For this reason I suggest auditioning your speaker with that placement first before purchasing. Last point, the amplifier I am using really handles bass beautifully which is one reason I can listen at low volume settings and not miss much bass impact.

You asked about the schitt Loki Max. It will definitely help at low volume. Someone mentioned about adding noise, well maybe with a scope you , might see it, but to my ears I hear nothing added to my music. Because the unit is all analog it seems to change the characteristic of your speakers rather artificially affect your music. I dont use mine often but when I need it is does the job superbly. I use mine with my Pass Labs 250 integrated.