High End SS Preamplifier Ayre, EMM Labs, ML, or Pass

I have Clayton M300's that I'm looking to pair with a SS preamp to drive Von Schweikert VR-5 Anni's. Looking for opinions on Ayre KX-R/Twenty, Pre2, or XP-20/30 or other as potential options (ML). Interested in members opinions on possible options. Looking for that neutral, transparent, accurate tonal harmonic musical reproduction that isn't analytical, dry, lean, or fatiguing.  


nice outfit. I've found the quickest way to acquire a sound that involves and captivates often comes along with the influence of tubes. 

what I felt was an inspiring rig was upstaged when a tube pre line stage was injected into the mix.

later a sleeker more costly tube line stage replaced that one and again, the tangibility and nuance were elevated substantially.

these instances were with SS amps. later a dual mono SS amp akin to  your amps.

I got rid of that system then to go fully tube dependent. no regrets there but I could have waited a much longer time to kick the SS amps to the curb. for sure.

there just seems to be something, especially when you slide up the food chain into tube line stage preamps in the class you have named for SS possibilities.

good luck with what ever...

PS of those on your list, Ayre would not be on mine were I to remain in the SS only category, Ayre has never thrilled me despite hearing it/them in numerous setups with substantial accompaniment.
@tomic601  Concur; it's going to be very difficult to upstage the Ayre KX-R Twenty based on what the OP is looking for.  ML isn't in the ballpark and even the D'Agostino Momentum pre was clearly outclassed in comparison.

@blindjim Have you heard the Ayre KX-R Twenty in a top shelf system? The KX-R Twenty is well beyond anything else that Ayre has ever produced - it is Charlie's masterpiece


Another +vote for Ayre.  Keep us posted on the brand(s) auditioned.

Happy Listening!

I will differ. I think the ML 523 is outstanding in all respects. Blasphemy but I preferred it strongly to the latest 40k Dartzeel and it was playing in same league as the Luxman c900u in my system. I seriously doubt that Ayre is in another league. Then there's always the ML 52 if you want more of everything. However all you'll get here are fans of they're own equipment. Have to hear it with your own gear which can be difficult. I've had the good fortune to have owned all of the above except for the 52 and kept the Luxman but 523 was really really good.