High end units in the U.S. market that are not black?

Far from a "big deal", but black audio units are what most of us see in this country.  Audio Research, C.J. and some others have offered products that are not black fronts.  The Denon  units sold in other countries are available in something other than black.  It may be easier to put a system of different brands when all are black.  As I mentioned, not a big deal.  It is kind of like the old Baskin Robbins ice cream shops.  I got to know the owner of 3 of them in my city and he had mentioned that his best sellers were still Vanilla and Chocolate. 

When I did own units and systems that were not black or not all black, I liked that.  But of course, I never owned a Model T.


Instead, can we just list the makers that offer silver or champagne in other parts of the world, but only (on some products at least) black in the U.S.?

Marantz, Denon.

Any others?

Accessories4less has two Yamaha AS-3000's, one black, and one silver for $3888.  That silver one looks really tempting! 

Agreed.  This is a troll thread.  All of my audio components are silver except for the grounding gear.  EMM Labs, Ayre, D'Agostino, Shunyata, even my MIT cables - all silver default or only silver in the case of MIT.  It actually takes more effort to find black audio gear than otherwise.
Troll indeed...most of my gear is offered in choice of silver or black, or silver only...
Agreed with roxy54, bar81, jl35; majority of OP’s threads are set out to accomplish....nothing!!!!