High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260

The product is going to be called NPS Q45T. Not out yet, but on their Facebook page.


I have the NPS 1260 and hesitate to apply it. So far, I have it on one speaker cables. Don’t hear any difference but should probably do the other speaker.

And thinking of doing my amp fuses. Any ideas?

I’ve treated speaker cables,IC’s,and PC’s using the 1260 with great results. 

Thanks, 68pete for that info. I still have some of the NPS-1260 left. (I bought the large bottle).


The only thing I don't like about HF is they introduce an improved technology each year. I purchased a cable, shortly afterwards a new one was introduced and Rick wouldn't take a trade-in.

Sort of like home theater processors coming out with new formats all the time. It gets kind of expensive upgrading to a new one and having to sell your old processor. I’ve been a user of high Fidelity cables over the years and whenever I’ve upgraded to a new model there’s always been a sonic improvement. I find it quite exciting when Rick is working on something new and is about to release it.

When he formed HF and introduced a line of products, explained the technology, it was exciting. He wasn't selling direct then.  And it is exciting when a revision is introduced that has an improvement. But there were too many new models introduced in a short period of time. He stopped that growth spurt or maybe it was the supply chain issue that did it.

A few comments and some questions about High Fidelity Cables:

I use and like NPS 1260.  I firmly believe I notice a positive effect.

That said, my BS Detector does off when I read some of their hyperbole filled statements concerning products.

As I am mostly interested in the soon to arrive NPS Q45T, I have been following the company on FB and Audiogon.  Just a couple of things on FB that get me wondering:

1)  Posted by the company on FB:  "NPS-Q45T is not only twice the sonic improvement of 1260 but also now even easier to apply!"  Twice the sonic improvement?  As measured how?

2) Also posted by HF Cables:  A "review" by "Dave (no last name provided)" that says. in part, "I have not treated most connections yet but already NPS Q45T produces the greatest listening experience that I have heard in my system in 50 years of continual upgrades."  I posted a comment asking who the reviewer is (customer, beta tester, employee, professional reviewer) and there has been no reply.

I fully understand I, as all consumers, have a choice to purchase a product or not buy it.  But why, for heaven's sake, does High Fidelity Cables go so overboard in pitching their products?  Comments welcome.

Most ads are filled with….well we all know what they are filled with.  I use NPS 1260,and I also have found sonic improvements. 

I know the Dave of who they speak. Believes strongly in his findings and can speak strongly about them. Tom

Really !!! 

“  NPS Q45T produces the greatest listening experience that I have heard in my system in 50 years of continual upgrades." 


I am so impressed with NPS 1260 that I felt it needed its own thread!

If there is going to be an upgraded model do I have to order some and reapply?

😵‍💫 oh noooo is this going to be like the annual best ever fuse upgrades….

NPS 1260 🤤

@willgolf Not a chance of that! She laughs at the crap we buy, it is all illogical. Besides she is working on a DOD project developing sensors for turbofans, for UAV. That where the money is, not your silly cable juice. Bet it is a paroled meth cooker making this stuff.



HI all,

Here’s my write up on HFC Q45-T.

First of all, It’s my privilege to be 10 mins drive from HFC

I did get to try the NPS-1260 not too long ago after I gave HFC a very first visit .... and it changed my life for this hobby forever.

Few weeks later, I went out and bought Mad Scientist enhancement just for my curiosity and comparison. Now, I have the new Q45T in my system., and below is my findings of each.

In short:

. NPS-1260 is impressive.

. Mad Scientist enhancement (MS-E) is garbage

. Q45-T sounds organic and beautiful.

NPS-1260: I first applied it in both of my speakers ends then gradually moving to the rest of the system and up to the wall outlet.

1260 made my system sounded musical and beautiful. Solid, dynamic, tight and well control. Smooth, liquid, and less white noise,

Bass was never muddy but very tuneful and excited. Very nice PRAT.

Very clean and crisp sound staging and imaging.

NPS-1260 woke my system up and sounded so good that 1 point, I felt like my amp got extra upgraded to another $5k $10k


Mad Scientist Enhancement: (MS-E) About 2, 3 weeks later after I had 1260 in my system, my other online friend brought up (MS-E and he quoted "it’s popular, it’s cheaper and probably perform just as good as 1260?"

Well, one way to find out, I said.

I bought one and about 10 days later, MS-E arrived to my house. The liquid was thin and very dark and very messy to work with.

So , I cleaned off the 1260 very well at both ends of my speakers cables and applied the MS-E ((Keep in mind, the rest of system still on 1260.)

At first, MS-E had more air, more revealing and appealing similar to live experience. But it also sounded like in the hall or a cave. with lots of echoing and reverbs followed by flaws and distortions. It was wild.

It shifted my system to sound more in upper range and leaning toward to hi-fi sounding.

After the third day to a week, it became so dull and dark that I had to switch to my other power cord to fix it but then it went south from there; it was very confusing for another 2 weeks until I had the possession of Q45-T.


Before I put the Q45-T in, I wiped off clean the MS-E at both speaker cables ends, and connect them back to the system and BAM. My system woke up and sing beautifully without MS-E. (Again, 1260 still on the rest of my system)

At this point, I was very skeptical about the Q45-T’s credibility. How could it be any better from here.... and it did.

The Q45-T is thicker and darker liquid than NPS-1260 and also has more grit and feel like sand because some of their properties aren’t in nano size but in micro. Thus, you will feel a bit of grind when tighten up the metal connectors but not to panic. It’s totally fine, according to Rick.

First music notes, I was floored, Q45-T sounds very "vinyl sounding.". Very organic and beautiful with lots and lots of LAYERS and RESOLUTIONS. It’s so real and accurate. Bass is very solid and full authority. High is nicely extend and very silky. Over all sounding, in my system, it is so musical, so easy to the ears and it’s just getting better and better.

I wanted to share with you guys my findings much earlier but every time I sat down to listen and to make notes, music is just keep getting so beautiful. that I literally got lost many times.

Now, if 1260 gave me the impression of "jaw-on-the-floor", then the Q45-T would give me the goose-bumps and satisfactions. For the first time ever, I stop listening to my gear and cables.

Today’s sounding is diff and (much) more sophisticated than 10, 15, 20 years ago and that goes to latest technologies in most/all electronics, cables and cords, and I feel that this Q45-T enhancement helps bridging that gap. It’s an icing on the cake for every systems, updated or not.

So, for a million dollar question, is Q45-T better than NPS-1260?

Yes yes and yes. I just can not say yes enough.


I do strongly recommend it.




My system list below:

Speakers: Sonus Faber Elipsa SE

Speaker cables: Purist Audio Aqueous Aureus, Lumin Version

Speaker Spikes upgrade: SoundStageAudio Brass 2-in Audio Points


Amp/Pre: Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated

Interconnect: HFC Orchestral Double Helix Signature

Power cord: Sablon Gran Corona

Isolation Feet: CustomIsolation,net, Floating Balls

Amp stand: CustomIsolation.net Acrylic amp stand


Source: Lumin Streamer A1

Digital cable: Sablon Cat-5

Power cord: Cerious Technology, Matrix

Isolation system: SoundStageAudio.com, Sistrum SP-1 and SoumdWork Platforms

Amp stand: CustomIsolation.net Acrylic amp stand


Power Distributor: HFC MC-6 DHS 3D

Power Cord: Sablon Gran Corona


Power Conditioners: HFC MC-0.5, MC-1 Pro, MC-1 DHPS


Subwoofers: REL S/3 paired

Interconnect: DIY Canare 4S11

Power Cords: TBD



Thanks for the update on  the NPS Q 45t. Did you get a chance to apply it over NPS 1260  treated connection? Or having the ends of the connection treated with one of each 1260 and Q 45 t at opposite ends. Or do you recommend removing the 1260 and applying the Q 45t on a clean connection for the best sound? Was there a long if any break in before you heard a positive sound improvement?

My whole system is treated with the 1260- power cords, speaker wire, interconnects, binding post, speaker wire jumpers, and of course all of my High Fidelity wave guides.

Thanks again for the info


At the moment, I only have Q45-T at both ends of speaker cables (by wiping off clean the MS-E ) and the rest of system still treated with 1260. I can not recommend either way as you listed because I have not gotten there yet but base on the result that I’m getting from Q45-T, I think I would, likely, first, wipe off the 1260 at males connectors like AC connectors, interconnects, using napkins, dry cotton towel and Q-tips. The female parts from AC receptacles, cords and IC’s will be last as they are more challenging to wipe off and Rick recommends some bottle cleaners that I have not tried or looked into.


Q45-T pricing as below:

$349 for 5mL

$599 for 10mL

Thanks for reading

Just use a metal tool like a butter knife with the power on. Make sure you are grounded.

No don’t  but why clean the old juice off is it not compatible?

If you have 1260 on all your connections why bother you are just wasting money and material. 


The female parts from AC receptacles, cords and IC’s will be more challenging to wipe off


Thanks for the info-Lets us know how the rest of the system sounds once applied

The 1260 sounds better than the Total Contact.

Have not tried Rick's new product yet.


Let us know your findings when compared to Total Contact. I plan to continue using Total Contact from my life time stash, but I may try this Q45-T on my nephews system. 

@68pete ,

I just tried Q45-T on a 2nd location in my system, an 8-pin power cable from my streamer Lumin A1 separate power supply to its main source and the result was outstanding. Another jaw-dropping if I’d say. It’s noticeable more pronounced and depth. More focus and cleaner sound-staging and imaging, It’s transforming my speakers to another level.

As it’s passing the 2nd day,,music flows more silky and a tad cleaner. Beautiful PRAT. It’s more music, most definitely.

IMO, NPS-1260 is impressive, Q45-T is all about music and absolutely more bang for bucks. It is insanely good and soon will be all over the places... mark my word.

I’m confident and excite for you guys to try it in your own systems.



I just spoke to someone at HF , and ordered 5ml, it will be ship in a day or 2.


Surprised by your findings of the Mad Scientist graphene. I use it and find it very beneficial and an incredible value.

Your description sounds if perhaps you over applied. Mad Scientist warns that it should look like nothing is left on the contact.

I was supposed to receive a sample of the 1260 from Rick however it never arrived. At this point I have not heard the high-priced spread in my environment.


@nasaman : on the HFC site shows two case options - with and without storage case. The difference is $15. What is the "storage case"?

@jayctoy Hi Bon Glad to see you here. Please also share your findings for others to view as well... good or bad. TIA

@thyname IDK what "storage case" means. HFC can answer that in no time.

@lpretiring I applied them all equally as thin as their brushes allowed me to.

Your quote, "it should look like nothing is left" I’m sorry, I find that is impossible for me to perform since my MS-E came in as dark as black paint/ marker.

I do recommend you to try wipe-off MS-E at 1 to 2 locations and record your new findings? (unless you already have done that)

Anyhow, it could also be system dependent as well so by all means, if MS-E works for you and your system- enjoy it.


I placed my order. I was very close to doing the 1260 a few months back, but never got around to buy it, but this time with the new 45-T I could no longer resist.


I saw the instruction videos. It should be pretty easy to apply. A couple of questions:


1 - Do we apply to the inlets on power cords' IEC's? Talking about the female plug that goes on gear. I get it for the plugs (on the wall side)


2 - Do we apply it to USB cables too? If so, where and how?


The little plastic box or case it comes in is not necessary- like a little jewel case-nice but not really needed. I applied the 1260 to the male pins on the equipment that the power cord plugs into. put it on both ends of XLR cables using applicator brush that comes with it. I believe you can put it on USB cables- check with High Fidelity to make sure. I have a whole system treated with the 1260- it was outstanding. Did order the large Q45t and will retreat my system.


Thanks @68pete 


My guess is it will take a week or so to get it. Plenty of time to do my research and ask HFC some questions 


1- I suggest to try those AC female connectors last as they are hardest to remove in case you want to back step or change mind. I was skeptical when I first try these 3 enhancements so, for that, I first applied on connectors with open flat surface first like speaker spades, AC males, RCA, XLR males… they are easier to wipe off than the females…once you are sure and satisfied with the new sound improvement, you can go on and apply to those females connectors and the rest of the system.

2- Can’t confirm how easy that’d be since I have not tried on USB or Ethernet cables. Keep in mind Q45-T isn’t as thin as 1260 but actually thicker with some grits like sand in it, as mentioned. (Also, the brush from 5mL bottle Q45-T is bigger than the brush from 1,5mL bottle nps-1260)


Thanks @nasaman , that’s a very sound advice. I will take it slowly. Start with power cords male plugs, XLR interconnects pins, and speaker cables bananas first.

Thyname their web site and video is all there.After reading and watching their  video I got a very good understanding. I ordered after that.

"I applied them all equally as thin as their brushes allowed me to.

Your quote, "it should look like nothing is left" I’m sorry, I find that is impossible for me to perform since my MS-E came in as dark as black paint/ marker."


Yes, the product is like black paint however the instructions with the product guide the user to use the bottle brush to transfer to the peach fuzz brushes, and after application gently blot off the excess with a clean tissue. Proper application to the naked eye should appear almost invisible.

I'm not suggesting the Mad Scientist is superior because I haven't tried the HF yet. In the near future I'm thinking I will experiment with it.

All I'm saying is based on the application process you described it sounds exactly like what Mad Scientist warns against.

i have treated everything in my system with 1260 months ago.  After a recent inspection, there is very little residual still on the connectors.  Does that mean you have to re-apply?   Or, is 1260 still in effect working?

My bottle will be arriving tomorrow. Know what I will be doing this weekend. Speakers and interconnects first. Wait several weeks then maybe the pins on tubes.....

For those that have used PPT Total Contact paste and then switched to the 1260 and soon to be new stuff, how would you characterize the difference in affect of the two?

I’ve been pleased with the TC but interested in the High Fidelity product especially since PPT is no longer around.