High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz

In December 2011,I wrote that High Fidelity cables led by cable designer Rick Schultz was putting together a new cable.The cable came to market as CT-1.The CT-1 has FINALLY made it into my system!I had obtained a version of the prototype that Rick had been working on.It blew my previous reference Genesis by Virtual Dynamics.I thought I had finally found my end with this cable.This prototype delivered to my ears "Nirvana".Could I be at the end of my quest for the ultimate sound?
No. I received two pairs of CT-1 to replace my prototypes.They went into the system this past Friday.Unable to dedicate time until Sunday listening,I stole a few moments,ducking away from company with anticipation.My guest could tell even with the music set for"ambiance"something was intriguing and I was in for a treat!
The experience:
First off,CT-1 was very user friendly.Installation was simple;the cable is very nice and light.The female RCA fit beautifully unlike any I had found in other cable.It was secure and reliable.It seemed much thought was dedicated to developing a designer fit to an aesthetically stunning RCA connector.Install entailed a few wiggles to ensure what seemed like a compression fit on my RCA.
It was 2-3 hrs. for the 1st step of break in to be complete.At that point I had something different!Today,although they only have 10-12 hrs. on them,I can`t put into words how much my system has transformed.Believe me,I loved my prototypes.However....there is simply no comparision.
The clarity and sound is so natural.
The soundstage is like nothing I ever heard.Resoulution is breathtaking and inner detail is simply hard to believe possible.
The sound has transended and now it simply does not seem as thought I have speakers.
My system is musicians playing music.
I am told with time they will improve and I trust that as it was revealed with the prototypes.I wanted to share my thoughts with you that now.
Unequivocally,a testament to High Fidelity,as the name declares.
High Fidelity Cables for me,the last word on it,after 12 hours!
Truly Amazing

Petieboy your TEO is an XLR and High Fidelity are not doing an XLR yet. You need to be clear on that in your other posts. It's an apples to oranges comparison depending on the equipment.

The CT-1 is good, but cannot be compared to the CT-1E in a good system. It is vastly better IMO, and more in line price wise with what you are using.

I have experience with various ribbon speaker cable configurations. They are good but seem to roll the high end off. If you want them for 280Hz and up then perhaps the MG stuff will not be suitable.
It has been some time since I have heard the Teo cables, but frankly after that listening, I lost interest. They were no rivals for the Exemplar Silver Portals and the Exemplars lost out to the HFC Enhanced, which in turn lost to the HFC Ultimates. The only liabilities of the HFC Ultimates that I see, is their expense and especially the long time it takes for them to reach their best-weeks not days. And they really don't like to be moved either.
What I really like about my CT-1 Ultimates so far is that they are REALLY fast and miss NOTHING, yet retain excellent musicality. IF it was recorded on the CD, you will hear it through these cables. The realism of the music is also very impressive. As they continue to break-in, the micro dynamics continue to reveal themselves, with nothing sounding forced or constrained in any way. Bass is also starting to get a bit deeper and fuller, with no boominess whatsoever.
Fplanner2000....i have a pair of the CT-1U interconnects coming in a day or so to replace the CT-1Es i currently have..can't wait.i tried them before but the difference in my system between the 'U' and the 'E' was not that great. Rick thinks there was an impedence issue with the 'U' cable at that time and wants me to try another.i can't wait..stay tuned...
Agisthos, I thought I was clear on that in my other posts regarding the XLR etc.
I clearly expalin my system(at the time) and clearly state my personal findings.
I understand totally for a long time now regarding all the variables. I am very aware how different cable react in different systems,burn in and moving them and all that.
One of the reasons I use a cable cooker. Only after a cable has been cooked and installed in a familiar system for X amount of time can a cable be fairly judged in THAT system IMO.

Funny how the cheaper Sablon audio cable customers seem to think Sablon cables are better than, or virtually equal, all the familiar cables we talk about at many times the cost. So Sablon send their cables fully cooked with a Audiodharma(same as my cooker) where as most others do not. Interesting.
Anyway, just simply looking for a bit of fuel to fire my next purchase even if it is kind of irrelevant regarding system, personal tastes etc. This is one of the reasons we have these forums right? Fun to read as well right, even if can`t be taken seriously most of the time considering all the variables etc. Be OK if we all had the same ears and the same systems and the same environment lol. But wheres the fun in that.

Seems everyone is happy with the new HF stuff. Great. If you read my Teo - High fidelity comparisons from last year connected to my older inferior system everyone can see how much I did indeed like CT-1 and how I made it clear how I plan to audition more HF in the future.

TBG, we already went through this in the other forum.
Did you really feel it necessary to unfairly bash Teo again? especially considering your limited time with some Teo ic that you don`1t even recall the model etc. You are the only one to ever bash Teo on the net.
And when companies like Teo get chosen/contracted to do the acoustics in a main reception venue for the royal rep family.... umm yea. Make no mistake they are ultra high end just like Ricks cables.
Can we stick to topic.

Guys, I am just seeking some possible comments on the cables I mentioned and if anyone has compared any of them to HF CT-1E or U. Speaker cables please.
Yes I will try HF IC again, CT-1E/U, in my upgraded system against my Teo *STD MkII* at a later date. They will be cooked and given a fair run straight from DAC to amps in a highly sensitive accurate neutral system.

Please I would really appreciate - only answer my post if it is relating to my specific question.