High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz

In December 2011,I wrote that High Fidelity cables led by cable designer Rick Schultz was putting together a new cable.The cable came to market as CT-1.The CT-1 has FINALLY made it into my system!I had obtained a version of the prototype that Rick had been working on.It blew my previous reference Genesis by Virtual Dynamics.I thought I had finally found my end with this cable.This prototype delivered to my ears "Nirvana".Could I be at the end of my quest for the ultimate sound?
No. I received two pairs of CT-1 to replace my prototypes.They went into the system this past Friday.Unable to dedicate time until Sunday listening,I stole a few moments,ducking away from company with anticipation.My guest could tell even with the music set for"ambiance"something was intriguing and I was in for a treat!
The experience:
First off,CT-1 was very user friendly.Installation was simple;the cable is very nice and light.The female RCA fit beautifully unlike any I had found in other cable.It was secure and reliable.It seemed much thought was dedicated to developing a designer fit to an aesthetically stunning RCA connector.Install entailed a few wiggles to ensure what seemed like a compression fit on my RCA.
It was 2-3 hrs. for the 1st step of break in to be complete.At that point I had something different!Today,although they only have 10-12 hrs. on them,I can`t put into words how much my system has transformed.Believe me,I loved my prototypes.However....there is simply no comparision.
The clarity and sound is so natural.
The soundstage is like nothing I ever heard.Resoulution is breathtaking and inner detail is simply hard to believe possible.
The sound has transended and now it simply does not seem as thought I have speakers.
My system is musicians playing music.
I am told with time they will improve and I trust that as it was revealed with the prototypes.I wanted to share my thoughts with you that now.
Unequivocally,a testament to High Fidelity,as the name declares.
High Fidelity Cables for me,the last word on it,after 12 hours!
Truly Amazing

Keep up the eulogizing please folks , I am going stir crazy waiting on my HF's to show .
@ Fplanner2000, Hi, thankyou for your answer, I assume the answer was that the virtual dynamic cables did have magnets on their last models before the cable line was no more, It is also my belief that the virtual dynamic cables have to have some sound similarties coming from the same designer!, I understand that this effort is far superior than the last attemt on cables Rick done, Happy listening.
There is a musicality, sense of ease and openness that was totally lacking in the VD. Hearing the 2 side by side you would never suspect they were made by the same designer.
@ fplanner2000, Hi, I believe you 100%, My friend calvinj that has commented on this thread is likeing the High-fidelity cables too!,they are on my short list of must hear product, when, I do not know, I do know when a product gets this much positive buzz I make a point to go and hear why, cheers.
Audiolabyrinth, I think the only real problem with thee High Fidelity cables is which can you afford and like best. Apart from the standard CT-1s, I have had full loom experience with the Enhanced and Ultimates, and soon will get Ultimate Reference ics to join my Ultimate Reference speaker wires. In my experience, the Enhanced were a major improvement over the Standards and the Ultimate References, I suspect, will be a giant jump over the Ultimates, judging from the improvement with the Ultimate Reference speakerwires.

I should also say that each improved level of these cables comes with a substantial time needed to settle or break in. With the Ultimate Reference speaker wires we are talking about months. And all these wire hate to be moved at all and take time to recover.

But they are great!