High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Waveguide and Total Contact

There seems to be some kind of synergy going on with these two products. I have one MC-0.5 plugged into the wall duplex that feeds my system. When I got it initially, I was very pleased with the results. Later, when I decided to try Total Contact, the first thing I treated was the three prongs on the MC-0.5. Again, I was very happy with the further improvements I heard.

Recently, Tim Mrock, the inventor of TC, suggested I paint the outside of the MC-0.5 with it. At first I thought “Wow, that's kind of crazy!”, but Tim has not steered me wrong yet. I went ahead and painted it, in place, without removing it from the wall. I experienced an immediate and obvious increase in transparency and clarity. Initially, the top end was a little too lively, but that has settled down over a day or two, and I am now one happy camper 😀

I don't know how, or why, this works, but I am loving the results.

Very cool, thanks tommylion! I have the last generation plasma made by Panasonic in the VT60 and the mc-0.5's have kept me from being tempted to upgrade to any of the current OLED tv's.
I have to say my experience with TC has been the most fun ride ever in my 30+ years of being an audio enthusiast.
@amg56 I kinda feel sorry for you! If you search understanding quantum mechanics, you will find a technical explanation as to why MOST, not all
EE's cannot and will not grasp the subject. Judging from your hostility,
and continued dribble, you Sir are a text book description, oh well.

@lak   That is a loaded question. My system has been done since the development of my 3rd generation, or so I thought. In the last few months, I have personally applied a additional 120 Tubes of my product.
I have greatly expanded the electrical service, big time. Common sense topical applications, and a lot of creative ones, like on this thread.

All of the customers I have had so far range from hard working stiffs, like myself to the very elite, and everything in between. They have all been AWESOME!!!!! Some folks want to jump right in, others are a little hesitant, some will say that's beyond my skills or that's to much.
What everyone of them has had in common, they are very intelligent,
do not want to waste their time or money, hurt their system, and the number one thing. Everyone is looking for a deeper or spiritual connection to their music.

I have had a few guys and a couple of reviewers, have entrusted me to walk them down this exciting new road, wait till you read what they have to say. To be continued............................................................................


I don't currently own a MC-05 but I might try one in the future.  It's good to learn what else we can use TC on to maximize its use.  Thank you for sharing Tommy and amg56 can be excused from here if he doesn't care.  I also see improvements to my LG OLED TV after applying TC on the power cord and HDMI connectors.  I am able to see more details that were not there before and color contrast is better.