High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


..some who are bemoaning the greed of Ansuz (sp) for their outrageous pricing are forgetting that their buddy Rick Shultz was offering a pr of ICs for $100K…yep $100K.  I saw them on his website which is now closed but trust me it was there.  

es347 what is your point??? Lots of expensive cables out at that price range.

..lots of $100K ICs?  Really?  Please name a few.  My point is that the HFC fanboys have missed the fact that Rick Schultz has moved into the exorbitant pricing strata too.  The $100K ICs are a joke as are his “power conditioning” offerings at $50K.  Much like he did with Virtual Dynamics he’s short himself in the foot once again with jacking prices to ridiculous levels.  I’ve always been wary of his products and with good reason.  I wonder how many prs of those megabuck ICs he sold?…LOL..


 Transparent comes to mind alone with Synergistic Research, MIT,  the list could go on. No joke on High Fidelity Cables or Power Conditioners I own several and they are worth every penny. Ricks products are great his business model needs work!

Just because a items is priced high does not mean its not good or is good. the High fidelity products stand on their own.

I believe there were a number of reasons HFC went out of business other than escalating stratospheric pricing. First, their customer service was weak to put it mildly. Second, the constant innovation and model upgrades quickly obsoleted current technology and undermined the value of the cables you now had. Third, HFC became dependent on huge discounts offered directly through their website. In other words, if you paid full price you really weren’t trying hard. Fourth, the deep discounts offered directly undermined the profitability of their dealers. Fifth, they suffered increasingly pricey and difficult to obtain raw materials which adversely affected cash flow. I submit that these problems in a product area that is misunderstood and ridiculed by many audiophiles and laymen alike doomed them to bankruptcy. It was good while it lasted.