High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?

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The Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables and the Rick Schultz of Tweak EVS are two different people, two different companies.

@tweak1 you may not be aware of this. Apparently both of them are Canadian as well!

I have products from both of these guys. TweakEVS also does some very clever mods to amps and dacs.



Thanks. I did not know that. I received a sample of PPT from HFC and assumed it was from EVS Ric

RicEVS has a new product for speaker cables

The EVS Speaker rf filters

According to Ric make the sound more musical and more detailed.  You hear more separation of instruments, more hall sound, more air, lowering of noise and lowering of edginess and distortion.   You hear more micro details....string resonances.....lips smacking.....more of the wood sound.  This is not subtle....you have not heard your system till you have filtered the noise coming down your speaker wires.  Even at low volumes you enjoy the music more......just more real.



I bought them years ago. I don't think they made a noticeable difference.