High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?




I lost around 3k+ usd (topup money) and my original HFC Ultimate Reference RCA pair when I got a deal to send my cable to HFC for upgrade.

Happy some still raise it up

I hope that this Rick dude pays back tranchautuan, especially now that he has it in writing that he owes (taking tranchautuan word for it).

If not, sorry to say it like this, but if not I hope each and every one of you gets burned for the same amount of $s and then know what it’s like to walk a mile in his shoes and listen to you all crowing how great his products are.


He frequently posts ads for his new products. That may be the fastest way to contact him.

Good Luck!


It boggles my mind why people would still do business with this guy after so many have been burned! Don't care how good his cables are.


Just curious if you had a chance to talk with Schultz regarding the $3,000+ that you mentioned he owes you?