High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


It boggles my mind why people would still do business with this guy after so many have been burned! Don't care how good his cables are.


Just curious if you had a chance to talk with Schultz regarding the $3,000+ that you mentioned he owes you?

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Hi @jetter ,

Just to clarify, my topup money is 2850usd and 100usd transport vietnam to us,and my original HFC UR CT-1 RCA interconnect I purchased used around 2000usd, 

so total it around 4950usd

I've contacted Rick.

He said was the company president, although he just an employee. The event that HFC have massive discount, collect the money and shutdown don't related to him as that time he wasn't in the US anymore due to visa issue.

Rick said he can't give me some thing for free, cuz he just starting on  his own, and offer a discount for his product. I replied I can only spare max of 500usd for his new product and still waiting for his further reply,

You guys please share if you have other infos. thanks you