High Fidelity Sound Speaker

Here is what I call High Fidelity Sound.
Sorry if you have issues making a  determination

**Ohh YT compression,,,ohh comp speakers can reveal the actual in room listening experience,,,, cheap cam micing...**
WEll I can.
This is probably the very finest sound I've ever herad froma  spaker.
Thing is, fouund this video while continuing my research on my next speaker build
Fostex Sigma 8 + Fostex Sigma 4 
The Sigma 4 is in this video.
No doubt,  and now i understand what you guys were getting at about **The whizzer thing** making unwanted resonances.
Got it
No whizzer.
Project should be up by may 2022.
Going to sell the DLVX8
TB2145 Good
DLVX8 Better
Fostex Sigma 8 The Best

I'd like to see any xover type design beat out this Fostex Sigma 106. 



had to delete video,, as a  certain name  was mentioned in video,,, Will upload another w/o mentioning a  certain name.


Measure twice,cut once. 

Nah, it's measure once, cut four times, dang it's still too short.


Say what you like, but if the cabinets are a mess, and don't even match, you will not get good results. There are pre-made cabinets available you know.