High Frequency Oscillation hurt resistors in Magico A5 crossovers

Hi,I am looking for help understanding how HFO could blow crossover resistors in Magico A5 speakers. Equipment playing at the time of the incident is as follows...
Magico A5 speakersHegel H30 mono blocksHegel P30 preamp (lt and rt inputs on the Aux inputs from the laptop and Dragonfly Cobalt)
Dell laptopAudioquest Dragonfly CobaltAmazon Hi-res streaming
I was listening to Amazon music at a very moderate level when the application said there was an update available.I instinctively clicked accept while music was paying. It was only off for a few seconds to update and when complete and I restarted music the A5 tweeters were not on. These happened simultaneously and there was no audible noise what so ever indicating a potential issue. After multiple source tests and tweeter test, I was certain the tweeters were fine and it was an electronic issue. The cross overs were removed and sent to Magico and that was when I was told that HFO blew the resistors.
Can anyone explain how/why this happened so I can ideally avoid it happening again?
Thank you!
Newton's third law : For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. My comment was a reaction to a silly remark involving your speaker. Didn't see you complain then 😶
I'm not sure what the plastic tweeter reference is about, but the best AMT's have phenomenal resistance to overloading.  They will survive power bursts that would make almost any dynamic tweeter turn into a projectile.


Enough ladies... I was simply looking for an explanation to my problem. Thanks for everyone who took my inquire seriously.
Wouldn't be a 2020/21 audiogon thread if at least two participants didn't actively search for ways to fight with one another.  I wish I could say that I found such behavior entertaining, but honestly it just sucks the joy out of this place.

Anyway, at least you got some useful information out of the group. And thank God those resistors were there and were not over-rated. Please do provide further updates if you get any additional information.