High impedance Speakers

I've read here and there about the benefits of using speakers with high impedances, especially with low power tube amps, but there don't seem to be a lot of them out there. I've identified a few:

Coincident Victory, SuperEclipse, TotalEclipse: all 14 ohms
Coincident TotalVictory: 10 ohms
Omega TS33: switchable 4 ohms/16 ohms
Zu Cable Druids: 12 ohms

Can anyone add to this list?
How much do the Tonians cost? There seems to be very little info on the web about them.
The Alon Lotus SE are also high impedance, and supposedly work quite well with SET/OTL tube amplification. Great company as well.
Soliloquy 5.0i is 10 ohms.
Soliloquy 6.2i is 12 ohms.

Of course these are nominal values, but Soliloquys have a reputation of working well with tubes.

Also there is always the option of the Zeros (speaker impedance multiplying autoformers) by Paul Speltz. You can find these at http://www.zeroimpedance.com.
Classic Audio Reproductions makes two 16 ohm speakers, the T5 and the T1, which are both moderately high efficiency too (95 and 97db respectively).