High Pass Filter for Mains

My problem is too much bass and no acoustic way to control it. I've managed to reduce the 10db bump at 63hz to 5 db, but I want to try a sub to better control it. So my plan was to high pass my mains and use the sub for control below 90hz. I've found several active crossovers but they're both expensive and overkill for what I need. I'm looking at an SVS 1000pro sub. 

I found what I need at Marchand Elec. for a reasonable price.

XM46SB-AA   Passive crossover 24dB/oct in small box,RCA, two channel  $ 325.00

But there is a 4 week lead time and I'm not so confident in the company after a brief conversation. So one question is about whether this company is solid and worth waiting for the product. 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd ask the group about alternatives or other suggestions. Are there other high quality passive HP filters out there under $500? I also looked at the HSU High End crossover but it's active and I don't really want additional electronics in the way. I don't care much about the packaging as long as the parts quality is good. Maybe there are other companies like Marchand who make such a product?



Want to point out that even if you do use an analog crossover, a DSP EQ on the sub is still beneficial.  I would say if you can leave your high pass for your main amp and let the DSP handle the low pass for the sub, and everything else you'll find much better flexibility and easier time integrating the sub with the room and the sub with your mains.

I have alot of marchand and have no problems you can read the reviews say there noisy but I can't hear it.sublime acoustics make some .mini dsp you could get fast but have to use computer to program. Parts express carry some just a dial for two way high and low made out of salt Lake city.i do like electronic crossovers.put the sublime on my infinity irs v sound great you can change the cards in them to change crossovers but minidsp plug computer in change it all.many u tube videos  on them watch it.have some bryston 10 crossovers expensive.enjoy the music

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I feel much better about Marchand and it's the right solution for my needs. I always prefer the simplest circuit with the fewest components. 

The SVS SB-1000 has dsp eq built in with app control. I definitely expect to utilize it. Otherwise I would just be duplicating my problem. If it works out, I would look to upgrade to a sub with variable phase. 

From 100hz up, my system is +/- 1.5db and sounds great. If I can get the frequencies below that to +/- 3db I'll be happy. 

you may also want to consider acoustic treatment, IE bass traps to help control bass nodes etc.  


I have 9 24x48x6 bass traps on the back wall and ceilings, and four 24x48x4 panels. They do a great job above 100hz. It's a small room and nothing is really gonna deal with below 80hz. I'm not sure this experiment is going to work but I won't know unless I do it.