High quality CDs

Where can I find CDs with high quality recording, specifically classical.. More than 50% of the CDs that I buy with classical music, sounds so anemic and noisy when you crank up. Any suggestions will be really helpful. I prefer physical format over streaming.. 


@rman9: And the HM albums are by-and-large very well recorded. Plus their artist roster if fantastic: lots of the best "historically informed/original instrument" musicians in the world. The repertoire includes lots of Early Music and Baroque, along with some Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert) and Romantic.

In the 1990's Harmonia Mundi U.S.A. had parking lots sales on Sundays at their Westwood (or was it Santa Monica?) office/warehouse. They sold newly-discontinued CD's and LP's for five bucks each. I bought a lot!

I listen exclusively to Classical.  Where are you getting your CDs from?  Maybe your system needs revamping.

  Anyway, Classical Labels that are especially known for good Sonics are, inno particular order:  BIS, Reference Recordings, Decca, MDG, Pentatone.  These labels tend to bill themselves as Audiophile, and most of them are sonically outstanding.

  The so called Major Classical labels, besides Decca, are Sony and Warner.  Like Decca, these current mastheads comprise many labels that were until a decade or so past were independent with decades long recording traditions, such as DG and Phillips (Decca), RCA (Sony), EMI , Erato, Telefunken(Warner).  Then there are the historical budget labels such as Naxos and Vox.

  DG was thought to be exemplary in the lp days, but most of the  records from their heyday show hot treble and limited bass.  Naxos and Vox always suffered from poor engineering but there are some exceptional finds there.  Sony and RCA early digital transfers could be problematic but later remasterings are usually exceptional.

  My recommendation. : It would help if you told us what sub genres within Classical you are interested in (Baroque, Opera, etc. or just name Composers) and then I and others will flood you with recommendations.  Secondly, use a streaming service to audition a recording before buying 

I will second the recommendation for BIS CD's as their CD's are very very dynamic so watch the volume control as when something starts off quietly the speaker cone can be billowing when you get a climax. you will definitely not be disappointed.

About 6 years ago I bought an Oppo 105 specifically to enjoy the so-called benefits of higher resolution SACDs/DVD-As. Turns out the 105 simply isn't that great for either SACD and especially Red book. Quite likely the transport is the biggest issue. Maybe 3 years ago I upgraded the IEC, and jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch, then replaced the power supply with an aftermarket all from Ebay. These made terrific improvements, but also pointed the finger at the transport being the chief culprit. A couple years ago I bought a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5 and a Marantz HD CD-1 (player, but used only as a transport) to play Red book CDs and it way outperformed the 105 playing the same disc's SACD layer (using XLR outs into the DDP-1)! A couple months ago the Marantz died and I decided to get a dedicated transport (Audiolab CDT6000. I no longer use the 105, unless for a classical disc that I don't have a red book.


rapping it up, you need a high quality SACD player=$$$$$ to enjoy hi-rez benefits