High quality music server on the cheap...sort of

I bought a cheapo HP computer with Vista Basic. Ripped all my music with Media Monkey as .wav files. I've got 40,000+ tracks that take up about 1.5 TB on a Glyph professional 2 TB drive. I have dedicated power lines running to my gear so the computer and the hard drive are on their own circuit.

itunes is not up to the task of handling a large library of .wav files and will not let you add album artwork to .wav files. Media monkey is very smooth in handling music but will only work on a PC.

Output of the HP is via USB into a Benchmark DAC then into my ARC Ref 1. I have an old NEC 17" LCD computer monitor sitting on the floor that displays the album art full screen and changes with each song. I use the new apple bluetooth keyboard as my "remote" for the system. It works nicely with my PC.

I am a vinyl guy with a VPI TNT setup and have never found a CD player that I've liked but I can't stop listening to my little "server" setup. On well recorded/mastered CD's there is real music coming out of my computer! The Benchmark has gotten great reviews and it certainly is delivering in my system. I am going to get their ADC to convert some LP's.

So for around 3k you can listen to your entire CD library (I have about 3000+ CD's) as .wav files along with a nice visual display. I did have some issues ripping in MM but managed to get all my music onto the Glyph after a month of heavy lifting.

I also have a Sonos system but prefer the "hardwired" approach in my listening room.
Many ways to setup a harddrive it seems,but once you do,the way/ease of access is just right.I feel the same way about music again just because of that 1 factor,good going,Bob
Well done! I think it's the wave of the future!
Can you describe the issues you had with Media Monkey. I've never used it and would appreciate some insight here.
Also, the Apple website says the Apple bluetooth keyboard requires a Mac and/or Mac OS. Was there anything you had to do to get it to work or did I look at the wrong keyboard?
If you are so inclined, and I sometimes am, it is very nice to be able to easily go from song to song on different albums as the mood strikes.

I didn't see any mention of a backup.

You're going to have another month of heavy lifting in your future without one.

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