High quality recordings any genre

I like all kinds of music, so give me some suggestions on some high quality recordings you listen too. I find a lot of music is poorly recorded. When you get a high quality recording listening is so much more pleasurable.


I too find myself seeking out well recorded music because it makes my system come alive in a way lesser recordings cannot. 
that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to or enjoy those less well recorded music. 
for instance, for all the hub-bub about Dark side of the Moon being this amazingly recorded album I don’t agree, while I love the album it pales in sound quality to the three albums that followed it.  At least on my system that’s my impression! So do you want something sweet sounding with a lovely sultry female vocal try Karen Souza, I get lost in her mesmerizing vocals. 

It’s an interesting topic!

As a music lover my perspective is I have no control over how a recording is made. I do have Audacity software and know how to use it to make my own remaster (it happens) but I’d rather spend my time listening to whatever happens to have been served up.

I do have control of what I listen to things on and even some control on how those things sound in each of my rooms. So I am armed and dangerous there. Whatever the music industry might serve up, I am in a very good position to wean the most enjoyment possible out of it. That’s what makes me happy and content. Often there are multiple versions mastered differently available and if I care enough for a particular composition, I will seek out the one that tickles my fancy. Often but not always that may even be the technically best version available but you never know. Anything is possible!

My tolerance typically ends with cases where I can hear  noise and/or  fatiguing distortion but cases like that are very very very rare,  in fact I can’t think of any off the cuff  




@mapman I must congratulate you on a very good take on music.  This is the way people who make it (tracking/mixing/mastering) feel.


If you want to check out something very new and quite extraordinary, check out ACT 3, Ryan Ulyate.  I attended his record release party this past week and it was an amazing recording.  Nominated for a grammy already.  One of the very few written in ATMOS and mixed by a master who grew up in the 60s and 70s.  If you love Pink Floyd and the great bands of that era you will love this record.  His most recent gig was mixing all Tom Petty's work for the last 15 years and he has now written his own music and drafted some incredible players to help him.


@ghdprentice I have great respect for both your experience and demeanor.  Thanks for sharing it with others here.  If you are ever in Baltimore/DC central Maryland area would love to have you over for a visit and listening session sometime.  Cheers!

@lonemountain thanks for the kind words.  

I found that artist on Qobuz but not that specific release?