High quality recordings any genre

I like all kinds of music, so give me some suggestions on some high quality recordings you listen too. I find a lot of music is poorly recorded. When you get a high quality recording listening is so much more pleasurable.


If you are okay with CD or streaming, some of the best ever recordings IMO are the MTV Unplugged series. I have the following and they are terrific: Natalie Merchant MTV Unplugged, Eric Clapton MTV Unplugged, Nirvana MTV Unplugged, Alice In Chains MTV Unplugged, Stone Temple Pilots MTV Unplugged (UK recording), Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged, Oasis MTV Unplugged (No Liam, Noel took over vocals), Paul McCartney MTV Unplugged, Alicia Keys MTV Unplugged, Rod Stewart MTV Unplugged, and I'll throw Neil Young MTV Unplugged too (though it's phenomenal and horrible in the same set)

The 50th Anniversary hi-res remaster of The Rolling Stones "Beggars Banquet" is a standout.  Almost anything by Steely Dan will be terrific with Aja & Gaucho being especially well mastered.  Steven Wilson remasters of Yes & Jethro Tull are excellent too.


@lonemountain thanks for the kind words.

I found that artist on Qobuz but not that specific release?


I looked hard for the artist on Qobuz and couldn’t find him. Is that spelling correct?


I was both surprised and very impressed by the SHM versions (Japanese imports) of the early Steely Dan CD's ("Can't Buy a Thrill" thru "Gaucho").

+1 on the Steven Wilson remixes of "Fragile" (YES) and "Aqualung" (JETHRO TULL).


Thank you for your kind words. If you are ever out in the Portland, Oregon area… give me a shout.