High quality recordings any genre

I like all kinds of music, so give me some suggestions on some high quality recordings you listen too. I find a lot of music is poorly recorded. When you get a high quality recording listening is so much more pleasurable.


The 50th Anniversary hi-res remaster of The Rolling Stones "Beggars Banquet" is a standout.  Almost anything by Steely Dan will be terrific with Aja & Gaucho being especially well mastered.  Steven Wilson remasters of Yes & Jethro Tull are excellent too.


@lonemountain thanks for the kind words.

I found that artist on Qobuz but not that specific release?


I looked hard for the artist on Qobuz and couldn’t find him. Is that spelling correct?


I was both surprised and very impressed by the SHM versions (Japanese imports) of the early Steely Dan CD's ("Can't Buy a Thrill" thru "Gaucho").

+1 on the Steven Wilson remixes of "Fragile" (YES) and "Aqualung" (JETHRO TULL).


Thank you for your kind words. If you are ever out in the Portland, Oregon area… give me a shout.

Any Reference Recordings, Chesky Records, or Dorian Records, that you can get your hands on, you will be suprised at how great they sound.