High quality recordings any genre

I like all kinds of music, so give me some suggestions on some high quality recordings you listen too. I find a lot of music is poorly recorded. When you get a high quality recording listening is so much more pleasurable.


From mapman


“It’s never a good sign when a music lovers conclusion is most music is not recorded very well. Time to learn to appreciate recorded music better or maybe find another hobby.


on the other hand it’s common for an audiophile to make that claim because most music fails to meet their standard for good sound for either objective and/or more subjective reasons. A better hifi cannot make music that is poorly done sound the way they wish it would.

It’s all a losing proposition


Better for all to accept each recording for what it is: a unique work of art. Each will sound somewhat different. The rational goal is to be able to hear whatever is there that the artist and producers intended then either like it or not.

There is no rule that says all works of art must be technically perfect Where would impressionist artists like Monet be if that were the case?”



In an optimal room/system acoustics, everything sound better because it is better perceived...I listen great musician badly recorded too ...

I am interested by the acoustic translation from the recording , good or bad... If i love some music , the sound bad sound recording does not matter anymore especially in a good system ...

it is more difficult to appreciate good music badly recorded in a bad ausio room/system than on a top audio room/system ...

Now what i said is meaningful for classical... In pop/ rock bad recordings are more than often simply put aside because of the poorness of the musical content and /or the easy availability of alternatives pop/rock albums  more well recorded with a better musical content ...

In classical, nothing will replace Sofronitsky interpretation of Scriabin or of Swzeryngk Bach less well recorded than other versions ... And sometimes even a very bad recording will be valuable because of a unique interpretation and a deep musical content ...

I need a good audio system especially to be able to hear better bad recordingsb with deep musical content ...I listen music not my system ...




@lonemountain, + 1 on Al Schmidt. "Just A Little Lovin'" by Shelby Lynne (primarily Dusty Springfield covers) is a well - known recording among audiophiles. It was produced by Phil Ramone and mixed by Al Schmidt.

As my audio system has gotten better, I find myself relegating many of my poorer quality recordings for listening in the car only.

    Fuzztone, thanks for the Octive Radio, my kind of streaming...my favorite is RadioParadise, 4 channels of curated variety in up to FLAK 16/44.1.

    Arcam88, +1 for SS's Flamenco A Go Go has some fine, fun guitar work, good sound

Sound check albums: Diana Krall, "Girl In The Other Room" SACD surround or 2ch

                                    Ricky Lee Jones, "Traffic from Paradise" SACD

                                    Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me"  SACD

                                    Lucinda Williams "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road"  HDCD

                                    TRENTEMOLLER "The Last Resort"  CD

                                    Dire Straits  '96 remaster of first album

   Chesky downloads:  Noah Wall, Amber Rubarth, Funky Buffalos (Audiophile Society)