High quality XLR F to 1/4" TRS cables

I'm thinking about changing my computer soundboard to a soundboard with 1/4" TRS connectors. I want to run balanced cables from the soundboard to my Monarchy Audio SE-100Delux mono's. Does anyboady know of a source of high quality XLR/TRS cables? The local music store carries Hosa brand but I'm looking for something better. Budget is about $200.

Had the same problem with a DAL sound card using aes/ebu. I purchased a model from All Pro Audio to get the correct pin out and had a new xlr fabbed using Neutrik parts. Not sure if this is necessary, but I went this path.

I looked up the ready made unit and I think it is listed below. If you use it, take it apart and remove the flux from the solder joints.

All Pro Audio
2442 NW Market St. #405
Seattle, WA. 98107
PH: 800-959-4252
Fax: 206-789-0024
Web: http://www.audiogear.com
E-Mail: sales@audiogear.com

Order APA04620

Dear Duke Dykstra,

Thank you for your order from All Pro Audio.

Your invoice number for this order is APA04620.
Please retain this invoice number for reference information.

You have ordered the following:

Qty Description Unit Amount
3 (ADPTMX-QSM) Audio Adaptor MaleXLR to $8.19 $24.57
Quarter Inch Stereo Plug
* Weight: 0.10 lbs. each

Total Shipment Weight: 0.30 lbs. Subtotal: $24.57
UPS Ground: $8.35
Total: $32.92
You might want to check out these cables, I have heard some good things about them. I am about to pull the trigger on them.