High Quality XLR IC's For My System

The last step of my year long upgrade process is complete except for the two 1m XLR IC’s I use to connect my phono preamp to my preamp and my SACD player to my preamp. Using Audioquest Californias now.

I am simply looking to upgrade the XLR IC’s. Budget is $1200

I would prefer to buy used but not necessarily; Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Try the Pangea line from Audio Advisor its Cardas budget line or believe it or not Monster M1000i's. I actually really like M1000i's and Ive spent tons on cables. The Pangea stuff is really good too and built well. I heard good things about Bluejeans Cables though Ive never owned em. Also take a look at DH Labs outta Florida quality products I still have a few sets. Start there before you spend anywhere near $1200.  
What sound improvements are you looking to achieve with the new interconnects?  Also, I don’t see AQ Californias listed anywhere — are they an older model?