High resolution Copper IC with PRAT like AntiCable

I have always been amazed by the way Anti cables produce music with top quality Pace and timing. Unfortunately they dont have the resolution to be a permanent member of my system. I clearly hear their limitations in frequency extremes and resolution. In my system I use them between my pre to power amp. It is only there because of its PRAT. Now, I am trying to find a better cable which has similar PRAT. I would want to stick to copper only. Please do not suggest any silver cables.
Basically I am looking for Copper Interconnects with higher resolution and frequency bandwidth which also have great speed and timing. My budget is about $500 used, give or take 25%. I have done a blind shortlist:
1. Audio note Lexus (since Audio note is known for PRAT)
2. Abbey Road Reference (since it is a high quality studio cable, I am guessing it would have good timing)
3. Omega Mikro (any)

Please comment on these ICs if you have heard them and also suggest interconnects that you think fits my requirement.
Elementcable, I value tone and timbre even more than PRAT, unfortunately I am yet to hear a silver cable which is not dry in the midrange. And, I have heard many silver cables. Hence I do not want to waste my time and money experimenting more with them.
It's good you know what you're looking for. I've come across many who just wants to upgrade but don't know the sound they're after.
I suggest a design using thin solid core conductors, also Teflon dielectric would be great.

Second Jena Labs. The most uncolored cable I've ever had in my systems. The utter lack of grain in the highs requires some brain adjustment, but once you get used to it, you're a pretty happy camper. :)
Dear Pani, I absolutely agree with Glide3, there is only one cable available that will meet all your criteria. You will be amazed by the Tonians, they are keepers.