Highend tube preamp w/no headphone jack - help I wanna get a pair of phones

I have a deHavilland UltaVerve tube preamp. Sounds amazing but thinking about getting a pair of Sennheiser HD 560S phones. The preamp has no phone jack. But does have two sets of RCA outputs. One goes to my amp - the other is unused. 

Can I use these somehow to drive the headphones? Would I need some sort of headphone amp to go between? Figure anything I add can potentially mess up the sound (this preamp is incredibly holographic, with a wide and focus sound stage - besides the warm musicality that tubes usually have.

Any suggestions? 


Hey great choice on the Dehavilland, I almost purchased one myself a few years back, went with a Manley Labs instead. If you plug your output into a headphone amplifier, you will have to play with 2 volume controls and its not an optimal situation for headphones, My Manley pre amp offers no monitor loop (rec/out) type output only a main output which runs through the volume knob as well. I tried it once with my Antique audio labs headphone amp and it worked, once i had the dual volumes dialed in right. Good Luck



I'm dealing with the same issue. No headphone jack on my Rega Elex-R. I'm planning to buy a budget headphone amp (and some Sennheisers too), feeding it with the "Record Out" jacks, which should not affect sound quality to speakers. 

You should at least look into a real headphone amp; what kind of budget would you be looking at?