Highend tube preamp w/no headphone jack - help I wanna get a pair of phones

I have a deHavilland UltaVerve tube preamp. Sounds amazing but thinking about getting a pair of Sennheiser HD 560S phones. The preamp has no phone jack. But does have two sets of RCA outputs. One goes to my amp - the other is unused. 

Can I use these somehow to drive the headphones? Would I need some sort of headphone amp to go between? Figure anything I add can potentially mess up the sound (this preamp is incredibly holographic, with a wide and focus sound stage - besides the warm musicality that tubes usually have.

Any suggestions? 


@soix - Totally agree - I used a Quicksilver Headphone amp for about 6 months before I replaced it with an Eddie Current Studio B; that Quicksilver, for under $1000, is a GREAT DEAL!!!! 

@slaw I’d be VERY interested in your thoughts on the LSA as you and I have similar ears as to how we hear the LavriCables.  I know you have Sundaras and I’ve got both HE400S and Arya Stealths so pretty sure your experience will translate well to my sitch.  Please follow up with your thoughts — after burn-in of course — as I think I want to write a formal review of this unit on my site at some point. 

The Quicksilver amp is great , I have owned one for about two years.   I dont think you'll find a better amp for the money.   Built like their mono amps, it's like a 3/4 size Mid Mono.  It's over built , high quality.   Sounds great too, can drive my 25 Ohm Klipsch HP3  or my 600 Ohm AKG no problem.