Higher end Tubes for Ah Njoe Tjoeb 4000

I have an Ah! 4000 and want to do some tube rolling. Who knows higher quality tubes that they've tried with this cd player? What were your perceptions? Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe I'll try those Bugleboy's in the Ah!, and see. Interestingly, the Melos's manual recommends the 6ES8 "for more gain"; go figure. They did sound awful. Regardless, my point to Douglas was simply that in my experience some tuberollers make the mistake of assuming that because, for instance, a 6922 is supposed to be a premium version of the 6dj8, it will necessarilly sound better than any 6dj8. Not so!

Tried the Amperex "Bugleboy" 6ES8's in the Ah! last night. No, they did not sound as bad as they did in my pre as a 6dj8 substitute, but they sounded strangely dark and, ominously, they ran VERY hot. Nothing blew up, but they were almost too hot to the touch, quite a bit hotter than any of the others, and raised the temperature inside the player to a level that caused me concern; can't be good.

By the way, I tried a pair of Amperex (USA)"PQ" 6922's. Very, very nice. Very similar overall to the Siemens, but a little more body.
Hmm, very interesting. I didn't notice any overt increase in
temperature with my ES8's. I haven't done any tube-rolling
for about a year now and since I have acquired a few more
6DJ8 types since then, perhaps it's time to revisit this
scenario and see if my tastes have changed. It's all very
subjective, with amps, cables and speakers also in the mix.
Thanks for your experiences, very informative Frogman. I sure
find it strange that Melos would recommend the 6ES8 as a
suitable substitute, perhaps it's the tube itself. All my
information says it shouldn't sound good at all, but I'm not
familiar with that piece of equipment.