Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?

Benefits of higher sensitivity- other than loudness per watts available?


dynamic sound is a benefit, yes

but there are negatives too

complex set of tradeoffs in speaker design, many many variables


More dynamics if the speaker is of proper size better transient response less thermal compression in a home environment the ability to use almost any amplifier type made. Can sound better at low and high SPL levels.

MBL is a perfect example of not the most efficient ,But the low sensitivity is misleading ,for it disperses in 360 degrees sound evenly ,not just to the front 

and the tweeter,midrange  not being n a box and direct coupled have exceptional 

transient response, micro,and macro dynamics as well as dynamics ,

at a cost in  power required, and $$ cost. That’s why. Am forced to save to buy their excellent 126 model used with dual SVS 4000 SB subs.