Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?

Benefits of higher sensitivity- other than loudness per watts available?


{I see no physical mechanism by which a horn speaker would throw better than a dynamic speaker} You can not see the horn on a horn loudspeaker? Horns decrease SPL less at distance than a conventional dynamic design think radiation pattern control. Good luck.

I like a Dynamic ...Live.presentation from my system with a DEEP soundstage. I like to transport myself right into the auditorium....I wanna' Be There. Low powered Tube amp with the glorious 845's and a high eff. speaker system (Tekton...Klipsch..JBL etc. gets me there.  Let's enjoy the Music...Not the system.

While I much enjoy the wisdom, experience and informative posts of Audio Kinesis, Atmosphere and others, the debate of which is best between which combination - efficient speakers paired with a low powered tube amp vs low efficiency speakers paired with a quality high powered SS amp (correct me if I'm wrong) it seems a bit irrelevant unless you are listening at live concert SPLs (104 - 115+ db).

I listen to my system several hours at a time, three to four evenings a week and can't even imagine wanting to listen to music that loud or re-create the scope and volume of a live concert in my home. So, for me, at any volume I now care to listen at, I'd say either combination works very well.

At lower volumes my inefficient 1.7 Maggies seem to perform quite well with either my 100W Rogue, tub amp or with my 200W/350W SS ADCOM.........Jim


@jhills --

Making this about low efficiency speakers/higher power SS amp vs. high eff. speakers/low power tube amps is not the strictly defined combo context here, but rather low vs. high eff. speakers - certainly per the OP. It makes sense using low powered tube amps with high eff. speakers (and vice versa with low eff. speakers), but you get lots of the benefits with high eff. speakers no matter the amp principle. Myself I use a combination of class A and class D solid state coupled actively to my high eff. speakers, and from my chair bypassing the passive filter is the real treat with the benefits it offers with digital filter settings to more readily accommodate horns with steeper slopes, etc.; not whether tube amps are used instead of SS.

Re: playback volume, it’s a common misconception that high SPL capabilities (with high eff. speakers) necessarily equates into the need or want for high SPL playback. To me at least it’s generally about how it sounds at average SPL’s (i.e.: ~65 to 90dB range) and how the segment of speakers I’ve chosen excel here, but with the added bonus of a greatly enhanced, effortless dynamic bandwidth, in addition to prowess into transient capabilities and overall presence and physicality of reproduction, whether at low or high SPL’s. It’s not about clearing the roof over my head with +120dB levels, but the incentive to listen at higher SPL's with speakers that can handle it cleanly with ease and powerfully is not diminished, I might add.

And let’s expand a bit on ’effortless’: headroom is your friend - can’t be re-iterated enough, it seems - and that even more so when we enter LF territory. You want 105dB clean peaks at the listening position you want headroom to spare, not just merely enough, and this goes for speakers as well as amps. So, when I say my subs can put out ~127dB’s at the LP down to almost 20Hz, that’s not to say it’s my desire to actually achieve those levels - far from it - but once you hear bass reproduced effortlessly at every desired level, headroom makes sense.

@jhills wrote:

"... it seems a bit irrelevant unless you are listening at live concert SPLs (104 - 115+ db)."

In my experience freedom from compression effects is audible at pretty much all volume levels, including low levels, which is where I normally listen.  I never listen at anything approaching "live concert levels", and only rarely listen "loud".