Highest B/B

Looking for the highest Bang for the Buck s.s. amp to break in a pair of inefficient speakers. Sonic quality is less important. Use tubes for all my listening anyway. Probably need minimum 150wpc @8ohms though ratings can be misleading. Have in mind Bryston 4B-ST. Any other choices ?
Thanks. Bob.
If your not wanting to spend too much cash. There is a Classe ca100 for sale in the A'gon classifieds for only "800 something". The ca100 is a 100x2@8ohm high current design that will double down into 4ohms giving you 200w@4ohm. Bass is not a strong point of the ca100, but is an inexpensive way to burn in your inefficient speakers. When your done, you can easily resell the Classe ca100 for the same price or very close to the same price you paid. Just an option.
ryllau - wanna rent the electro aw100 i have adwertised f/s here on a-gon for $800? ;~) sonics are ackshully pretty good, even toob-lovers tink so. i presently use a matched-pair of electro's in a wertically bi-amped set-up cuz i can't afford the pair of melos mat-180's i'd *really* like! ;~) the aw100 is class a, 100wpc, 190 into 4 ohms, & puts out >80 amps of current. since no one seems to wanna buy it, mebbe i can rent it out! ;~)

regards, doug s.

I think your greatest bang for the buck if sound quality truly isn't an issue is in DJ/PA amplifiers. Fr'instance, a NEW Pyramid 300W 2-channel amp can be had for $200.00. Used amps can be had even cheaper on eBay.

The added benefit of family Karaoke contests is just another compelling factor. You might not ever listen to your tube amps again!
ryllau, i fergot to add - if yer really serious about wanting to buy an amp yust for break-in purposes, the electro will be better than the adcom 555, even tho the 555 has more watts. the electro has a *lot* more current output - about 4 times the output. i have a pair of 555's bridged, driving my 95bd/1w/1m vmps subs, so there's no issue here, but i have a pair of thiel 3.5's in the kitchen system. but, it used to be in the main system, and was 1st driven by one of the adcoms, then by an electro aw75. the thiel 3.5 is a difficult load for an amp, & the electro aw75, at only 75wpc/140@4ohms, worked *much* better than the adcom. that amp put out >60 amps current...

doug s.

I thought I had read everything, but this truly takes the cake. If you are, as the above threads say, looking for something that does not sound good, and will only be used to break in a pair of speakers why would you not just go to your local "discount consumer electronic store" and buy the cheapest high powered reciever one could buy? At least, in my case, I could then take it to the guarge and have music while working on my next project. This begs the question, are my speakers properly broken in??????