Highest detail cartridges

Which cartridges give the greatest amount of detail? Imaging, soundstage file detail. These are qualities to consider. I know Lyra cartridges are high on that list. What others equal or better Lyras. Is there anything below, say $1500, that is in that same category?  Detail with reasonably flat frequency response.
Here is a short list of oustanding MM cartridges:
Audio-Technica AT-ML180 OCC
Victor X-1II
Technics EPC-100c MK4
Technics EPC-205c mk4
Stanton CS-100 WOS
Pioneer PC-1000 mkII
Grace F-14 Ruby
Glanz MFG-61

Here is the short list of MC cartridges that i like a lot:
Victor MC-1
Fidelity-Research FR-7fz and FR-7f
Klipsch MCZ-10 Ruby
Dynavector KARAT 23RS MR
Dynavector KARAT 17DS MR
Ortofon MC-2000

All cartridges are from the golden age of analog, reasonably priced today on the used market.

Hi BIF i have a MIMC sounds very neutral. Not so wide as my Frog, but this is not easy to compare when frequency responses are so different.
Here some measurements from last week. Kiselkis from a dealer and to compare my Frog and MIMC
I’m very impressed with my Audio Technica VM540ML cartridges. I’ve got one on a Technics SL-1700mk2 and another on a Technics SL-Q2. Admittedly, they are the most expensive cartridges I own, and I can’t stomach the idea of spending over $500, let alone $1000 or more on a cartridge. 
Behind every good cartridge is a phono stage. IMHO just as important in the equation.

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