Highly Recommended CHILL OUT CDs???

Hi everyone - just going thru a Chill Out phase at the moment hifi wise. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Anything in the Style of BLISS - Quiet Letters would be great! Otherwise, any other audiophile sounding pressings or titles.
Thanks in advance
Koop "Koop Islands" (definitely check out... unique)

Thunderball "Scorpio Rising"

Jack Johnson "Sleep Through the Static" (love him/hate him)

Easy Star All Stars "Dub Side of the Moon" (Floyd's DSOTM in dub reggae)

Billy Holiday "Re-mixed and Re-Imagined"

Beck "Sea Change" (might make you cry"
"We are driving, driving, driving on the au - to - bahn" Kraftwork's Autobahn
Zero 7 -- "When It Falls" or "Simple Things"
Sufjan Stevens -- "Come On Feel The Illinoise" Be advised with this one, once you press play, you ain't getting up until it's finished.
Agree with the Beck suggestion above.