Highwater Sound

I realize there have been several positive comments regarding Jeff Catalano and Highwater Sound out of NYC, mostly involving TW Acustic turntables. Please bear with me as I also add another supportive comment towards Jeff and Highwater Sound.

I recently purchase a TW Acustic Raven AC-1 and TW 10.5 tonearm along with an SRA Ohio XL Isobase. I can only give my highest recommendation to Jeff. He was very great to work with, and took plenty of time to answer all my questions. He never seemed rushed. His communication with me during the purchase process and waiting for shipment was top notch, answering my emails within just a few hours or shorter. His availablity and help during set up of my turntable (he's in NYC and I'm in OK) was great. Always available by phone and eager to help.

It was very refreshing to work with Jeff and getting my new analog front end. I think if all high end dealers could be like Jeff, the industry would be more healthy right now.
Count me in too. Jeff has been exceptionally and consistently helpful in giving his time and commitment to superior customer service. I couldn't ask for more. My sincere thanks for his terrific efforts.
Never had any business dealings w him, but he always has great sound at the shows.
I met with him a couple years ago and also enjoyed the experience. I went another direction but it had nothing to do with Jeff himself or the gear he sells.
Great sounds at every show I heard his gear at. $2.00 records he brings to the show and they sound like a million $$$.
Plus One regarding Jeff. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back,went to his loft to audition a Raven AC (which wasn't set-up) ended up auditioning a Raven 1. To make a long story short I wound up purchasing an AC on the used market at an incredible price),and Jeff totally understood,he's a class act. have since purchased a few accessories from him. You won't find many dealers let alone people like him. Recommended
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