Hip Hop & Rap recommendations for Taters

There is a rather heated thread that is fairly universally bashing rap & hip hop here in the music section of the Audiogon forums.  This is a thread to search for the best that the genre has.  Please recommend artists, albums, and songs that you feel are the best that hip hop & rap have to offer.  What tracks would you recommend to someone who enjoys music, but is quite far outside of the usual listening audience for hip hop and rap?

Here is the thread that inspired this post:

So, to start it off, I'll offer up a few of my favorites.  I'll surely come up with a few more, but for now, this is where I would start.  I hope you enjoy this challenge!

- Mark


A Tribe Called Quest
People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
Bonita Applebum

Mos Def
Black On Both Sides
Hip Hop

Mos Def
Black On Both Sides
Ms. Fat Booty

Us 3
Hand On The Torch
It's Like That

Like Water For Chocolate
The Light

Kanye West
The College Drop Out
All Falls Down

Digable Planets
Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)
Where I'm From

2 Pac
All Eyez On Me
Only God Can Judge Me


I don't want to keep arguing back and forth with you. Like I said there are exceptions to everything. I think Don_c55 summed it up the best when he said"99 percent of Audiophiles agree with Taters"

Mark, carry on with your music thread. Ignore the haters. Raps rhythms permeate through all types of modern music. 

98 percent of Tater's 99 percent are tickled you enjoy the music!

I adore the music of bach. Especially the sacred music.
i adore the operas, piano concerti, string quintets of Mozart. His requiem is monumental.
The lieder of Schubert and Schumann.
the piano music, requiem and symphonies of Brahms. Oh and his string sextets are glorious.
Love richard Strauss, Mahler symphonies, the early works of Arnold Schoenberg. Alban bergs music touches me in a profound way. Bartok is amazing so is Stravinsky. Charlie Parker, coltrain, miles, Chet baker. Frankie Sinatra. Love the drumming of tony Williams. Dig Elvis and the everly brothers. Stevie wonder, Aretha Franklin the Motown sound, muscle shoals sound the Memphis sound the beetles the stones led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd and pop music in general. I think Stevie Ray Von might be the greatest blues guitarist and remember where I was when he died.

And most importantly I believe that there is great music written preformed and recorded in all genres after 1980 and I believe the best is yet to come. I believe in music in musicains in the creation of art. I believe it will never stop. I wake up everyday looking forward to next recording or new music I have not heard and might deeply touch me.

those who don’t are missing out on the fun. Jet

Jet, you rock!  Nailed it again.

Taters, I agree, we shall stop going back and forth.  I have said all I can.  Please stop bashing, even if you don't like something, that will serve you well here in the Audiogon forums, and in the rest of life.

I think this can be a pretty much a case closed on this thread.

Thanks to the contributors, especially to Rzado, I had never listened to Eric B & Rakim before, and the tracks you suggested are great!

Now, on to listen to some classical while I work! 

Take Care All, 

Whoa, I just listened to Eric B & Rakim don't sweat the technique. wow,  that drummer and bass player are laying down some serious groove. Good song. Like the girls asses in the video too.