HK t-60.....

Recently acquired a t-45...and was wondering what additional features/gains the t60 would present....the 45 has the "Micro" arm, suspension design, auto lift, removable interconnects, on the surface it would appear the 45 is 90% of the 60...any thoughts?
Wayside-what cartridge did you use and what did your T55C sit on? Was your cartridge a proper match for the Microrace tonearm? Compliance and weight must be considered. Did you use the HiFi news test record to identify your cantilever and tonearm's resonance points? I have never (read never) heard any acoustic feedback from my t60 or from those of my friends, and none of ours have ever had a problem with footfalls, even though my friends have their t60's on bouncy floors.
I was using a Signet AM20 cart, and no, I don't own a test record. The table was sitting in the same place all of my tables sit and none of the others were so sensitive.

It originally had an Ortofon OM20 mounted, which is a super low mass cart and perhaps a much better match to the low mass arm of the HK. I'll put the Orto back on it and re-test.

You should check out the test record I mentioned. The resonance tests are pretty cool and I haven't found a better way to set anti skate. There's also a test for azimuth.
This link explains cartridge to tonearm matching better than I ever could..
The test record can be used to verify the results
Heyraz, I took your advice finally and mounted the Ortofon OM20 on the T55c. You were right, the Signet was a bad cart/tonearm match. It's playing Alan Parsons Vulture Culture right now, and no issues with acoustic feedback or footfalls - just sweet analogue sounds :)