HK t-60.....

Recently acquired a t-45...and was wondering what additional features/gains the t60 would present....the 45 has the "Micro" arm, suspension design, auto lift, removable interconnects, on the surface it would appear the 45 is 90% of the 60...any thoughts?
You should check out the test record I mentioned. The resonance tests are pretty cool and I haven't found a better way to set anti skate. There's also a test for azimuth.
This link explains cartridge to tonearm matching better than I ever could..
The test record can be used to verify the results
Heyraz, I took your advice finally and mounted the Ortofon OM20 on the T55c. You were right, the Signet was a bad cart/tonearm match. It's playing Alan Parsons Vulture Culture right now, and no issues with acoustic feedback or footfalls - just sweet analogue sounds :)
Wayside-Glad to hear that worked out for you. When I first got my T60 I tried mounting a Micro Acoustics cartridge and it simply didn't work. It skipped all over the place and sounded terrible when it did track. That's when I learned about things like compliance and resonance. The Microrace tonearm is considered lightweight, so not all cartridges out there will work with it. The info from the Analog Depot really turned my head. All these years I had no idea how complex the mating of a cartridge to a tonearm could be.
One issue I am having, now that I'm using this TT more often, is speed accuracy and stability. It's running slow with the quartz lock, and the speed adjustment needs to be turned way up in non-quartz mode. According to the service manual, it needs a new motor pulley. I assume this is because the pulley has become smaller over time?

Also, the speed seems a bit wavery. My other deck is a Technics 1600MK2 so I'm used to rock-solid speed control. Any suggestions here?